After a KB injection, can you have sex immediately?

After a KB injection, can you have sex immediately?

After a KB injection, can you have sex immediately?


There are many contraceptives available, one of which is injection KB. Many choose these contraceptives compared to birth control pills because their effects last a long time, which is about one to three months. But not a few also ask whether they can have sex immediately after a family planning injection. Most feel anxious and afraid, if they have sex immediately after the injection, they are 'broken'. Then, what's the answer? See here the full review.

KB injection, a powerful contraceptive to prevent pregnancy

Injection KB contains an artificial hormone (progestin) similar to the natural progesterone hormone produced by the ovary. This hormone is injected into a woman's body part in the buttocks, abdomen, or front of the thigh.

No need to worry, this contraceptive has been proven to be 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. But with the condition that you may not be late or forget to inject again on a predetermined schedule.

Even so, birth control injections are actually not recommended for women planning a pregnancy in the same year. This contraceptive can also change the menstrual cycle, so don't be surprised if your menstrual schedule changes after injecting KB is done.

Women who have certain conditions, such as diabetes with complications, have breast cancer in the last five years, lupus, and other conditions that are not recommended to use this type of family planning.

Rules for having sex after injection of KB

How it works KB injection is to stop the ovary to release the egg (ovulation) every month. This is why women who do this type of family planning will have irregular menstrual cycles. In addition, the progestin hormone also thickens mucus in the cervix, making it difficult for sperm to enter and reach the egg.

You can start injection at any time during your menstrual period and of course you are not pregnant. It takes time for the body to absorb the hormones from the KB. That is, if you have direct KB injections having sex, then this contraception will not be able to prevent conception from happening.

If you inject during the menstrual period, KB will work within five days. While if you inject outside the menstrual period, KB will work within seven days. So, you still need condoms when having sex in the first week after KB injections .

Then when to use a condom?

After passing the first week after injection, you can already have unprotected sex because KB has worked effectively and reduces the chance of pregnancy. Even so, the use of family planning does not protect you from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. This family planning device can only prevent pregnancy.

A common side effect of injectable birth control is a changing menstrual cycle. You may experience irregular bleeding or spots. Some also stop menstruating and will return to their menstrual period after stopping the injection.

Meanwhile, rare side effects include headaches, dizziness, hair loss, or changes in appetite. Reporting from WebMD, the use of long-term injection of KB, decreases mineral density in the bones thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

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