9 Simple Efforts to Extend Age

9 Simple Efforts to Extend Age

9 Simple Efforts to Extend Age


9 Simple Efforts to Extend Age

It's not difficult to be young and have a long life. Doing simple things like limiting the time watching TV in a day can keep you young. Even chewing can make your life longer. Here are simple ways you can do in an effort to extend your life.

1. Don't overeat

If you want to live longer, you should change the portion of your meal to 'enough'. People in Japan have an average age that is quite long, this is due to one of them by the habit of stopping eating when they feel full enough or when 80% of their stomachs are filled. In addition, a study also states the same thing, namely limiting the calories that enter the body can reduce the production of the hormone T3 which serves to accelerate the aging process and slow down metabolism in the body.

2. Reduce watching TV

The survey conducted in Indonesia found that Indonesian people spent at least 5 hours watching TV. In fact, this can cause adverse effects on health. This is evidenced from a study conducted in 2008 which states that people who spend their time watching TV at least 4 hours a day have a 46% chance of dying faster due to various causes (mainly due to degenerative diseases) compared to people who just watching tv less than two hours per day.

3. Protect yourself from sun exposure

It is very important to protect and protect the body from direct sun exposure by using sunscreen every time you do outdoor activities. Not only does it prevent skin cancer, the use of sunscreen can also make you younger and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. Gunakalan sunscreen that contains a minimum of SPF 30, it will protect your skin from UV A and UV B rays that are harmful to skin health.

4. Do a few simple things to sharpen the brain

It is not difficult to maintain brain health, according to research conducted at the University of New South Wales, Australia, providing stimulation to the brain can improve memory and prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Stimulation can be done in a very easy way, such as trying to brush your teeth or using chopsticks with your hands that you don't normally use to do it, counting every price of items that enter the basket when you shop, and filling in crosswords.

5. Add traditional spices and seasonings in dishes

Replace sugar, salt, and instant flavoring with spices and traditional herbs for your cooking. Adding spices will still make your food rich in flavor but healthier because it reduces the use of salt, sugar, and instant flavoring powder that contains high sodium. In addition, spices also have many health benefits, such as having antioxidants that can prevent cancer, anti-inflammatory which can help when the body experiences infection, and various other chemical compounds that are very useful for the body.

6. Chew at least 30 times

Did you know that just chewing can keep you young? Chew food at least 30 times for solid food and 10 times for soft food. This can help speed up the process of digestion and metabolism in the body. When you chew properly, more saliva will be produced by the mouth. It is this saliva that performs digestion and breaks down food for the first time before entering the stomach. That way, the stomach won't work hard to digest food. Digestion and metabolism that works well in the body will prevent the body from getting various diseases and increasing the immune system.

7. Take time to me-time

Stress can cause various diseases and interfere with bodily functions. To reduce the stress you get from work routines and the environment, you should take special time to 'please' yourself by doing things that you like. Stress conditions also cause 'stress' in your body's system, therefore when you are stressed there is an increase in bad cholesterol and triglycerides which can be dangerous for heart health.

8. Leave smoking habits

If you are a smoker, then your chances of dying are greater. Smoking is the main reason for the incidence of lung cancer in the world. A study reported in the American Journal of Public Health found that women who quit smoking added about six to eight years of their lives.

9. Maintain ideal weight

Maintaining weight is an important thing to do, because when you are overweight or even underweight various adverse effects can occur on your health. By doing 30 minutes of regular exercise every day such as walking, cycling, jogging, or swimming, you can keep your weight stable. Don't forget to also be accompanied by choosing healthy foods, low in saturated fat, low sugar, and multiply eating vegetables and fruits.


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