9 Causes of Painful Headaches Behind the Eye

9 Causes of Painful Headaches Behind the Eye

9 Causes of Painful Headaches Behind the Eye


9 Causes of Painful Headaches Behind the Eye

Headaches that occur behind the eyes can be a symptom of eye problems or something more serious. Generally people who complain of headaches behind the eyes or both eyes feel a throbbing sensation, the eyes feel tight, hot, sore, and the pain is very sharp. Many causes make people experience headaches behind their eyes. Following is a further explanation for the causes of headaches behind the eyes.

1. Dry eye

Dry eyes generally occur for those who work more at the computer. People who experience dry eyes usually feel itching, heat, and sharp pain in their eyes. If the eye dryness lasts longer it will result in excessive tears as an irritant response to protect themselves from further drying.

You can use tear drops to get your eyes moist again, but you should immediately consult a doctor if you experience a more severe complaint.

2. Refractive disorders

When you experience refraction problems it often causes eye fatigue and discomfort in the eye area. Headaches behind the eyes are usually caused by astigmatism, farsightedness and farsightedness.

3. Scleritis

Scleritis is an inflammation of the white membrane (sclera). Usually people who experience scleritis experience redness, pain, and a sensation of heat in the eyes. Rheumatoid arthritis and connective tissue disease can increase the risk of developing scleritis. If you experience red eyes accompanied by intense pain, you should immediately take an eye doctor.

4. Orbital inflammatory syndrome

Orbit is a part of the skull bone that is hollow, where the eye and the surrounding structure are located. Orbital disease can arise from within the orbit itself or as part of a systemic disease that affects several tissues or organs of the body. Inflammation can occur in this area, but the exact cause is still difficult to determine. Pain and discomfort occur when the eye glances right or left or up and down and when the area around the eye is touched.

5. Cranial nerve paralysis

Cranial nerves are nerves that emerge from the brain through holes in the skull. This nerve functions to collect and send information between the brain and other body parts. If one or more nerves are inflamed and injured it can cause various disorders such as double vision, drooping eyelids, changes in pupil size and even significant pain in the eye area. Diabetes is one of the most common causes of cranial nerve paralysis.

6. Optical neuritis

Optic neuritis is an eye condition in which the myelin lining of the optic nerve becomes inflamed, affecting the optic nerve and potentially causing blindness. Someone who has optic neuritis usually experiences symptoms such as eye pain, decreased visual acuity, color blindness, and intense headaches.

7. Migraine

People with migraines often complain of pain behind their eyes and a throbbing headache from moderate to severe intensity. In some people, this migraine attack appears only a few times, but there are also other sufferers who experience migraines repeatedly or counted frequently. If you experience a migraine, you can take painkillers such as ibuprofen, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, anticonvulsant drugs, and most importantly, take a break.

8. Sinusitis

Sinusitis is inflammation or inflammation of the sinus wall. But do you know if there are also a number of sinus cavities in the face and head that are centered around the eyes? Well, this headache behind the eyes is a common sensation that often results from sinusitis. This condition can occur due to an allergy or infection. You can relieve pain by using antibiotics to kill the bacteria that cause infection.

9. Cluster headache

Cluster headaches result in extreme pain, are permanent, intensive, not pulsing in the head or behind the eyes on one side of the head. Men experience this type of headache more often than women, but family history also plays a role.

The most common symptom if someone experiences cluster headaches is an attack of headaches that appear erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes several months can be free without headaches, but sometimes appear periodically for some time.

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