8 Mistakes When Running That Often Do Many People

8 Mistakes When Running That Often Do Many People

8 Mistakes When Running That Often Do Many People


Running is a sport favored by all walks of life. Besides being easy to do, running or jogging also gives many health benefits to our body. However, minor mistakes made when running or jogging can reduce health benefits, can even cause new problems for our body, such as blisters, leg pain, muscle injury, sunburn, and bruising.

What are the most common running errors?

1. Wear the wrong shoes

Wearing old shoes or different types of shoes with running shoes will cause foot injury, especially on the ankles.

2. Too far and too fast

Many runners, especially lay runners who are too excited in running, running too far and with too fast a tempo. Thinking that further is better is a fatal mistake, because it can cause pain in the back bone /shin splints (usually below the knee /shin), knee injury, and inflamed thigh ligaments (ITB syndrome) .

3. Step too far

Many runners think that going further will improve speed and increase efficiency while running. Stepping too far can drain energy and can also cause shin splints because the heel will land first.

4. Hand position

Some runners swing their arms to the side which makes them more bent and not breathe effectively. When tired, putting both hands on your chest will also make your shoulders and neck tighten.

5. Lack of drinking

Many underestimate the amount of body fluids that come out when running and don't deal with it by drinking enough. As a result, they will experience dehydration which can result in performance and health.

6. Wrong dressing

Some runners wear clothes that are wrong, too thick or too open, and not suitable for the current weather conditions. This will cause diseases associated with hot and cold weather.

7. Don't eat properly

Many runners underestimate the importance of nutrition for running performance and overall body health. What eats before running and after running has a big effect on your performance and recovery.

8. Run on the same track

Running on the same track keeps the under-worked body out. Not only does it cause the body to get used to the area, but it also makes you easily bored and might result in losing motivation to continue the running routine.

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