7 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy Stay Healthy Even though It's 40 Years Old

7 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy Stay Healthy Even though It's 40 Years Old

7 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy Stay Healthy Even though It's 40 Years Old


7 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy Stay Healthy Even though It's 40 Years Old

It's not impossible to get pregnant at 40 years old, but maybe the process isn't as easy as women who are pregnant at a younger age. Because, getting pregnant in old age increases your risk of complications during pregnancy. However, it does not mean you are pessimistic and just give up. You still have the possibility to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child even though you have four heads, provided you follow the following tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

How to maintain a healthy pregnancy at a young age

Even though the possibility of pregnancy still exists, the chance to get pregnant at 40 years is only 5 percent. In addition, women who are pregnant at the age of 40 and above are more at risk of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, placenta previa, premature babies and low weight (LBW), babies born by caesarean section, miscarriage or death at birth .

To anticipate these things, there are a number of ways you can maintain pregnancy at a young age, including the following:

1. Perform routine or antenatal care (ANC) pregnancy

Antenatal Care (ANC) is a pregnancy examination to optimize the mental and physical health of pregnant women. This is so that pregnant women are able to face labor, postpartum period, exclusive breastfeeding, and restore reproductive health properly.

This examination can be a physical examination, a blood check, and an ultrasound to find out problems that can arise during pregnancy. You can discuss various things about your pregnancy to a midwife or doctor, including how to maintain a pregnancy, birth plan, or any worries that fill your head. Usually, this examination must be done every month but ask your doctor when the right schedule to do all the tests.

Also consult if you have diabetes or thyroid problems that might affect your pregnancy and how to deal with it. That way, you can get pregnant more safely and smoothly.

2. Take special supplements

When entering pregnancy, maternal nutritional needs increase. Many mothers cannot fulfill their nutritional needs properly, so they are in danger of lacking vitamins and minerals. Of course it will affect the health of the fetus and mother.

So that pregnant women, especially those who are pregnant at the age of 40 years, need special supplements so that their nutritional needs are well fulfilled. Additional supplements given are those containing folic acid, iron, and calcium. This supplement is useful for preventing some birth defects associated with the spinal cord and brain, one of which is spina bifida.

If you have a certain disease and take drugs, it's best to consult with your doctor whether you can continue taking the medicine or not. Because, not all drugs can be consumed by women who are pregnant.

3. Get enough rest

According to Barbara O’Brien, M.D., a genetic perinatal specialist in Women and Infants' Hospital of Rhode Island, women who are pregnant at the age of 40 must be more sensitive to their bodies. As reported by Fit Pregnancy, women aged 40 years are even more enthusiastic in their activities, so they tend to want to continue doing everything themselves.

So, you need to rest your body as often as possible and not push yourself. Save your energy with enough rest to keep your pregnancy at an age that is no longer young.

7 Ways to Maintain Pregnancy Stay Healthy Even though It's 40 Years Old

4. Eat nutritious food

During pregnancy, food and nutrition must be maintained. Inappropriate food intake can make the nutrition of pregnant women insufficient and later can have an impact on the health of the fetus.

Therefore, fulfill your nutritional intake by eating nutritious foods, especially those containing high levels of folic acid such as green vegetables, oranges, cereals, or other food products that have been enriched by these minerals. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit to keep your daily fiber needs and avoid fast food for a while.

If you like seafood or seafood, you should be more careful. Because, some seafood contains mercury which can cause babies with birth defects, such as sharks, king mackerel, or swordfish. Seafood that is allowed for pregnant women includes salmon, shrimp, and tuna. However, consult your doctor first so that you do not misstep.

5. Control weight

Some doctors recommend that pregnant women increase their weight to several kilograms during pregnancy. This recommendation is of course adapted to the health conditions of the mother and fetus so as not to increase the risk of pregnancy complications. Therefore, consult your doctor about the recommended amount of body weight according to your condition.

6. Avoid unhealthy lifestyles

It is the duty of pregnant women to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially those of you who are undergoing a pregnancy at high risk age. Avoid various unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and drinking alcohol, including your husband and family.

Even though you don't smoke but your husband or other family member smokes, this still makes you a passive smoker that can endanger you and your baby's health. So, have your husband stop smoking, or at least not smoke around you.

7. Vaccine

Ideally, vaccination must be obtained before you start planning a pregnancy. Because the condition of pregnancy makes the immune system tends to decrease so vulnerable to various infectious diseases. Well, here is the important role of immunization during pregnancy to increase immunity and maintain the health of your baby later.

But if you get a vaccine late before becoming pregnant, you can vaccinate while pregnant. This has been proven safe for baby's growth in your womb. Vaccines that are safe for pregnant women include hepatitis B, flu, and tetanus diphtheria pertussis (Tdap). Immediately consult your doctor to get the appropriate vaccine.

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