7 Ways to Burn Calories While Playing Pokemon Go

7 Ways to Burn Calories While Playing Pokemon Go

7 Ways to Burn Calories While Playing Pokemon Go


7 Ways to Burn Calories While Playing Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go augmented reality application, released by Nintendo and Pokemon Company recently, has inspired millions of users around the world to hunt fictional characters by exploring the surrounding environment.

Pokemon Go is the latest breakthrough in the world of virtual video games. While many video game consoles and mobile players keep their players quiet and settled indoors, Pokemon Go players use their smartphones to detect and collect various types of Pokemon. To do this, you are required to get up, stand up, go out of the room, and continue to move to find these creatures. In other words, Pokemon Go successfully combines physical and social aspects dynamically.

How do you use Pokemon Go to support body health?

What these Pokemon "trainers" don't realize much, while they are busy hunting Pikachu and Charizard, their bodies also burn non-playful calories.

For those of you who want to increase your Pokemon hunting session to a higher level, here are some other activities that can help you collect more Pokemon while exercising to burn calories. It doesn't hurt, does it?

1. Walk between Pokemon Stop and incubate Pokemon eggs

It will be difficult for players to develop and train their Pokemon if they only dwell in that place. Therefore, walk around and explore each city - soccer fields, city parks, swimming pools, and malls - to find new Pokemon species and gyms to put your best Pokemon on pokemon battles with other players.

Places that you routinely visit, complex front supermarkets, for example, are now no longer just buildings. In the virtual world of Pokemon Go, these buildings are Pokemon Stop where you "refresh" your Pokemon after a fight. Each Poke-Stop has a short expiration period before you can use it again, so continue to find a new Poke-Stop, and then return to the initial Poke-Stop.

Also, if you have a Pokemon egg that you can find at every Poke-Stop, you can incubate the egg until it hatches by walking. The more walking you need to do, the more rare the Pokemon will be.

Walking (5,000 - 10,000 steps per day) can improve mood and quality of body composition, and also reduce anxiety and anxiety. In fact, the usual walking that you do almost every day can reduce the risk of premature death by 47%, reported from Ask Men.

2. Use a wild Pokemon attack as a chance to run

While walking down the city streets to hunt Pokemon, suddenly you get a sudden attack from a wild Pokemon? Use this opportunity to run away from him. Additional bonus: If you want to catch it, trying to throw Pokeball correctly will require you to focus and control breathing.

But don't just run until you're out of breath and your heart rate is soaring. Simply by jogging or sprinting every few minutes from one Pokemon Stop to the other. In addition, running will increase your chances of getting more Pokemon that you might not have caught before.

3. Push-up as a "penalty" every time it fails to catch Pokemon

Failed to capture your target Pokemon? "Law" yourself with one push-up (sit-ups, or whatever exercise you choose) every time you throw a Pokeball in vain. Did your Pokemon escape? Try "punishments" that are more severe, for example doing burpee.

4. Cycling

This mobile application focuses on how far you can travel to hunt Pokemon, compared to the time period. This will give the players more stamina to be able to play longer, so that it then produces a longer mileage.

For big fans of Japanese anime that exploded in the 90s, with Pokemon Go, there was not even a moment where they paused and felt exhausted. There is always the possibility that you will find rare and powerful Pokemon if you keep going further.

At the end of the week, try exchanging your walking routine with cycling around the city. That way, the scope of your adventure to find Pokemon will be even wider. The wider the area you are exploring, the more Poke-Stop, gym, and other Pokemon varieties you may have never visited or had so far.

5. Hiking looking for rare Pokemon

Each different area has Pokemon varieties that match the elements they have. For example, urban areas will have pokemon varieties that are very commonly found in urban areas, such as bird species (Pidgey), dogs (Eeves) , or rat (Rattatta). While in suburban and mountainous areas, there will be many soil type Pokemon and grasses, such as Snivy, which are quite rare.

6. Swim or relax on the beach

The chance to catch a rare Pokemon will increase the type of water when the player is in a location near water. Now, one more reason to take a vacation leave has been planned for a long time. Don't forget to invite friends and bring volleyball to play beach volleyball in between your busy Pokemon, or you might be interested in trying scuba diving? Who knows you found Horsea hiding among the reefs. Don't forget to bring a waterproof case!

7. Take a night out

If you are among those who have trouble falling asleep, taking a short night's walk in the housing complex can prepare your body and mind to relax a bit before bedtime.

Night trips also help you expand your Pokemon collection, because night and ghost type Pokemon, such as Clefairy or Ghastly, will be easier to find at night.

Whether it's walking or jogging, night or morning, there are one simple tips that can help you track how far your sport is progressing: a pedometer. With a reference to a pedometer, you can gradually increase the intensity of your exercise based on your progress over time.

Pokemon Go is a reminder that exercise can be fun and without coercion, driven by a sense of nostalgia and fun releasing fatigue rather than a burdensome obligation.


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