7 Ways to Achieve Multiorgasm During Sex (for Women)

7 Ways to Achieve Multiorgasm During Sex (for Women)

7 Ways to Achieve Multiorgasm During Sex (for Women)


7 Ways to Achieve Multiorgasm During Sex (for Women)

Great sex can not only give you an orgasm, but also be able to give you multiorgasm. Even though multiorgasme 'the myth' is hard to find, there are actually easy ways that can get you multiorgasme multiple times, you know.

What is multiorgasm?

For beds, women are known to be complicated. Missing the mood a little, then they will not be able to satisfy their partner in bed, but once they know the 'potential', they are able to do extraordinary things such as multiple orgasms.

Multiorgasms or multiple orgasms are a person's ability to achieve more than one orgasm in one sexual activity. Actually men can do it too, but this ability is more owned by women, it's just that not many know how women can do this. How do you get women to get multiorgasm? The secret is in this article.

How do you achieve multiorgasm?

1. Women must first know the types of multiorgasms

It turns out that women can do multiorgasm more often than many people imagine. According to the author of The Great Lover Playbook, Lou Paget, maybe some people have a special idea about what multiorgasm is, but actually there are three types of multiorgasm that women can experience.

First, compound singles where there is a gap between one orgasm and the next orgasm; second, sequential multiples namely orgasm that occurs every 2-3 minutes with cooling between them; and third, serial multiples which are multiple orgasms which only pause with seconds.

By recognizing some of these types of multiorgasm, a woman may realize that they have experienced it and even they don't know what it is. It's so easy for a woman to get multiorgasm rather than men. Because women do not experience the refractory phase after ejaculation like men so orgasm can still occur again after the first.

Even when a woman has reached an orgasm she doesn't need to wait a few seconds. He can continue to do it without stopping.

2. Have high self confidence

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research team, adult women who have high self-esteem and empathy tend to experience sexual satisfaction and regular orgasm more often.

That is why women who feel tense during sexual activity or feel guilty and ashamed tend to have difficulty reaching an orgasm, especially up to many times.

This condition also applies to women who can recognize their sexuality as well as having a greater chance of experiencing increased sexual (and continuous) satisfaction. In other words, learn to love yourself, including your sexual side and later your body will show how great your ability is on the bed by itself.

3. Find the stimulating point with masturbation

In order to recognize the multiorgasmen ability for the first time, a woman is encouraged to masturbate. This is because when you 'play alone' a woman will not get pressure to show her sexual performance (for example you don't need to think, 'I have to orgasm right away, otherwise she can be disappointed') so you can keep trying until you can get multiorgasm

If you are too sensitive, it is better to avoid direct contact with the clitoris and try to stimulate other areas of the body, both around your genitals or other sensitive points.

What usually happens when women are satisfying themselves is that they often find other sensitive areas that they never thought before. Until finally they stimulate the nerves in other areas, and find the most sensitive part of the body.

4. The excitatory point is not only in one place

The G-spot is not just the part you need to stimulate to achieve a satisfying orgasm or multiple orgasms. Women are able to get orgasms from 10 different types of stimuli, including nipples, clitoris, G-spot, anus and vagina. The capacity of women to produce sexual satisfaction can be obtained from all of them, both individually and simultaneously.

When trying to explore various nervous systems from several points of stimulation, there will usually be mixed orgasms. This condition is a result of stimulation of more than one point at the same time to create an orgasmic response.

5. Rhythm and slower pairing swings

Compared to men, women are better able to determine when is the right time to get multiorgasme, especially if the woman and her partner are not bothered by many things such as on weekends or holidays, when they can try new things or avoid contact with the 'world outside 'for a while.

The right time also refers to the rhythm that women need when making love. Women prefer if the ritual of love has a rhythm, because it will make them relax and make them more able to feel his body so that it can lead to a deeper passion. If not, the part of the brain that gives rise to anxiety will signal so that just getting an orgasm will be difficult.

When equating the rhythm of making love with a partner, slower, controlled and consistent hip sway combined with comfortable pressure at points of satisfaction will not only make a woman reach orgasm faster but also expand orgasm while making it durable. >

6. Make sure the vagina is lubricated

Lubrication or lubrication during lovemaking is very important. Because, to obtain multiorgasm, a woman must make sensitive areas can receive various stimuli during the intimate process takes place. But what should not be ignored during this process is an effort to make the vagina and clitoris 'wet' properly. This also prevents discomfort and pain in the vagina.

7. Try placing a pillow under your back

By raising your feet in the air, a woman has found a greater chance of having multiple orgasms.

Tilting your hips and lifting your pelvis upwards can shorten your vaginal opening, making it easier for your partner to reach sensitive areas of women who have been unable to reach them so that they both feel the same satisfaction, both physically and psychologically.

Try placing a pillow under your back to create an angle where your hips are above your head and shoulders. Or in other words, you lie down with your hips up. Make no mistake, this position can trigger extraordinary orgasms that you and your partner never thought before.

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