7 Simple Ways to Increase Fertility

7 Simple Ways to Increase Fertility

7 Simple Ways to Increase Fertility


7 Simple Ways to Increase Fertility

You and your partner want to quickly have offspring? If so, you and your partner can do the following things to increase fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

1. Keep your weight not too fat, don't be too thin

Deficiency or being overweight can prevent a woman from getting pregnant. From a study involving 2,112 pregnant women, it was found that women who were overweight or even obese with a body mass index of around 25-39 kg /m2 needed twice as long to conceive as women who had a normal body mass index.

The study also found that women who were underweight or whose body mass index was less than 19 kg /m2 needed more time, which is 4 times longer than normal.

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2. Leave bad habits that damage sperm

In accordance with a statement reported by WebMD, Dale McClure, President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that changing men's underwear can help increase male fertility. This is because the heat caused by wearing poor quality underwear can damage sperm.

In addition, the habit of putting a laptop on the thigh is a bad habit and can make sperm quality decrease. The heat generated from a laptop can be bad for sperm. Bathing in warm water too often is also bad for sperm quality.

3. Avoiding alcohol and coffee

The habit of drinking alcohol or coffee can have a negative impact on a woman's fertility. Experts say that consuming 5 or more cups of coffee a day - equivalent to 500 mg of caffeine - can reduce women's fertility. But that doesn't mean you can't drink coffee at all. Choose the type of coffee with low or moderate caffeine and limit the habit of drinking coffee in a day - about one or two cups. Note the amount of caffeine contained in your coffee, do not exceed 200 mg of caffeine per day.

While the habit of drinking alcohol has also been proven to have a negative impact. This is stated in the results of a study that is women who drink alcohol twice a day, then their fertility rate drops to 60%.

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4. Find out when your ovulation is

Knowing a woman's fertile period is the easiest thing to do to increase the chance of pregnancy. Fertilization or the fertile window is the highest chance for fertilization. The time that has the highest chance is for 6 days after the last day of your menstruation. While ovulation or the release of eggs from the ovary occurs 3 days after the last menstrual day. Therefore, many couples waiting for fertility arrive to have sexual relations.

You can use dates and calculate manuals when the fertile period comes. Record the first and last day of menstruation every month, then you will find your reproductive cycle pattern.

5. Don't be afraid to have sex often

Some couples think that delaying sexual intercourse and doing it on the right day can increase the chance to get pregnant. But in fact it isn't. The couple thought that more sperm would come out. Indeed yes, the number of sperm produced is more, but the ability of the sperm movement actually decreases. In fact, the speed of sperm movement is quite important in the process of fertilization.

Not having sex for more than 5 days can reduce sperm ability. Some studies have shown that sexual intercourse can increase the chance of conception.

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6. Choose lubricants or sex lubricants that do not damage sperm

The more frequent sexual intercourse, the couple must use lubricants or special vaginal lubricants. Lubricants or vaginal lubricants function to prevent vaginal injuries and increase arousal between the partners. Selection of lubrication or improper lubricants will actually make sperm damaged. For example, a study found that couples who used lubricants from soap instead had problems with the quality of male sperm. Soap can kill sperm. Therefore, it is better to use lubricants or lubricants that are specifically for lubricating the vagina.

7. Live a healthy lifestyle

You can do sports with your partner. Not only can you maintain health in general, but it can also increase the fertility of men and women. Also, pay attention to what you and your partner eat. Healthy food is needed to increase the chances of conception, such as folate-source foods, avoiding sources of trans fat, choosing plant-based protein compared to animal sources, and often eating various types of vegetables and fruits.

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