7 Safe Steps to Shave Pubic Hair

7 Safe Steps to Shave Pubic Hair

7 Safe Steps to Shave Pubic Hair


7 Safe Steps to Shave Pubic Hair

Some people choose to shave, others prefer to leave it alone. Shaving pubic hair aka pubic hair - or another method of removing fine hair - is just to cleanse the body and is actually not mandatory. In fact, there are no health benefits that you can get from removing pubic hair.

However, removing pubic hair is a personal choice - both men and women. If you decide to do it, it's good to understand the right steps to avoid problems like, incision and ingrown hair.

How to safely shave pubic hair?

Shaving pubic hair is not like when you shave fine hair on your face or legs. You need more patience and special attention because the genital area is very sensitive.

What you need:

  • Comb, small grooming scissors
  • Manual shaver with pivoting razor
  • Shaving cream or gel, don't use soap
  • Shaving oil (without perfume)
  • Regular (no fragrance) moisturizer, or aloe gel
  • Glass

Note : distinguish your pubic hair shaving equipment with other body hair shaving equipment. There are certain bacteria and yeast that live in your groin area. The risk, bacteria and yeast can cause fungi, such as ringworm or ringworm, which spread.

Basically, the steps to shave pubic hair for men and women are not much different. What you do:

1. Prune pubic hair first with small scissors

Pubic hair has a thicker, coarser and curly texture. When you shave these long and curly hair, the razor will pull the hair shaft so it makes it easier for them to grow back into the skin, and cause irritation to the skin. In addition, a shaving rush can cause shaving, itching, or stubble hair.

Before you start pruning, rub your scissors with alcohol to sterilize the blade.

Trim pubic hair, but don't surface the skin - leave a little hair shaft, about 0.5 cm - to make it easier for you to shave later, while avoiding the potential for ingrown hair.

2. Start with a warm bath

Shaving pubic hair dry is a bad idea. Start with a warm bath to make the shaving process easier and not abrasive, and avoid you from the risk of scratches.

Warm temperatures when you take a shower allow the skin to soften, and shed oil and dirt. In addition, water will naturally act as a lubricant to relax hair follicles and prevent hair from being attracted.

After that, dry it and wait a few minutes to let the skin recover.

3. Apply shaving oil

Oil will moisturize the skin and create a barrier layer so that the razor can slide more easily, instead of dragging the skin. In addition, shaving oil helps prevent red rashes from shaving, irritation, and ingrown hair.

4. Apply a cream or shaving gel

Make sure the skin is damp, but not too wet. If you have a shaving brush, apply a cream or shaving gel in a circular motion to lift the hair and get a more precise shaving result. Without a brush, just use your hand.

5. Start shaving

Point the razor in the direction of the hair growth lane, do not fight the current.

Facing the glass and accompanied by good room lighting, use your non-dominant hand to pull your genital skin tense. Shave slowly and do not press the razor. This will help you avoid stubble hair and ingrown hair. This method will also reduce the risk of irritation or red nodules, because your blade will not pull the hair in the opposite direction to the growth current.

Don't shave in the same area too often. Rinse your shaver thoroughly after each stroke and before starting again.

6. Rinse thoroughly

After shaving clean, rinse your genital area to remove the remnants of the shaving cream to avoid itching. Dry it well, pat it with a clean towel and don't rub it.

7. Apply moisturizer

You can prevent itching and irritation by applying after-shave lotions, or regular moisturizers without perfume. Perfume will irritate your skin.

Choose moisturizing products that contain aloe vera, or use aloe vera gel - aloe vera is healing, to reduce the sensation of itching and irritation.

First aid in an iris or scratch wound

If you accidentally slip while shaving, don't panic. Make sure to clean your genital area thoroughly with soap and warm water, and alcohol.

If the scratch is superficial, just give a little pressure with a piece of clean tissue moistened. Press for 10-15 minutes without opening. This will stop minor bleeding.

If the bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, or if blood appears to flow out of your wound, immediately get medical help. Deep wounds may require sutures to cover the wound.


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