7 Precise Strategies to Lose Weight During Fasting

7 Precise Strategies to Lose Weight During Fasting

7 Precise Strategies to Lose Weight During Fasting


7 Precise Strategies to Lose Weight During Fasting

If you have been dreaming about a diet all this time but it hasn't been accomplished, Ramadan can be the right moment. However, you need a powerful way to lose weight. Because many people actually gain weight during fasting. So that you can look excellent when the feast arrives later, first consider how to lose weight when fasting is safe with the following seven strategies.

How to reduce safe and effective fasting weight

1. Eat more fiber and protein at dawn and open

When you eat sahur and break fast, make sure your food is rich in fiber and protein. Instead of high-calorie foods, fiber will be absorbed and digested by the body for a longer time. You can feel full all day without and prevent starvation during fasting.

Foods high in fiber and protein also help suppress appetite so that when it is time for dinner after breaking the fast, you are not confused and even eat more.

2. Avoid sweet foods and drinks

Even though it's best to break fast, use all-sweet things to restore energy, but don't fall asleep until most. Too much sweet food and drinks will actually be stored as fat by the body, which will disrupt your diet.

Because when fasting, the body's insulin production decreases. Though insulin serves to convert sugar into an energy source. If sugar is not converted into energy, the body will store it in the form of fat. This is why eating sweet foods while fasting can make you fat.

So, it's better to choose foods with complex carbohydrates to add energy. For example from fruit, vegetables, and brown rice.

3. Keep on sports

It doesn't mean that because you are fasting and you don't eat much, you can be lazy. Exercising can actually be a way to lose weight when effective fasting.

Usually the body produces energy from burning glucose (sugar). However, when you fast and don't get glucose intake for hours, your body will look for other energy sources, namely your fat reserves. So, exercising while fasting can trigger burning of excess fat in your body.

4. Drink plenty of water

Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water during the fasting month, at least 8 glasses per day. You can use formulas 2-4-2: Two glasses at dawn, two glasses when breaking the fast, two glasses after Tarawih, and two cups before going to bed.

Research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reveals that drinking water can increase the body's metabolism to 30 percent. The faster your body's metabolism works, the more fat and calories burned by the body.

5. Avoid eating sahur and open with fried

After holding hunger all day, you might be tempted to eat fatty foods when breaking fast. Be careful, eating all fried foods loaded with bad fats (saturated fat) in the fasting month can still make you fat.

To meet nutritional needs during fasting, replace it with unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats are better for health because they don't increase your cholesterol level. You can get the intake of unsaturated fats from nuts, avocados and fish.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep can be a way to lose weight while working fast. Because, lack of sleep when fasting will disrupt your metabolic system. As a result, the body does not burn fat reserves effectively.

In addition, lack of sleep also increases levels of the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite. It is possible when it's time to break your fast so it's crazy and eat too much.

7. Keep eating portions when breaking fast

Even though you don't eat, snack, or drink all day, you still have to keep eating portions at dawn and breaking fast. Overeating can increase blood sugar suddenly. Even though as mentioned earlier, the body does not produce a lot of insulin when fasting. Sugar will only be converted into fat in the body.

In order not to overeat, try using a smaller size plate. You can also make sahur or break fast with foods that can make you full like fast soup.

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