7 Causes of Fast Hungry Even After Just Eating

7 Causes of Fast Hungry Even After Just Eating

7 Causes of Fast Hungry Even After Just Eating


7 Causes of Fast Hungry Even After Just Eating

How much food do you consume in a day? Have you eaten regularly every day? To have energy in carrying out daily activities, you must have a regular diet. Eating helps you to be more focused and powerful in carrying out daily activities. When you feel hungry, focusing on something that will be done will be reduced, besides that you will be more susceptible to drowsiness. However, is it true that the hunger that comes over between your busy life comes because of an irregular diet?

The first reason you feel hungry is because the brain reads changes in hormones and nutrients in the blood. The brain reads the signs that are in our body. If something is not right with the body, the body will send a signal to the brain, then the brain will respond. Hunger is a response produced by the brain, when there are signs in the body that we lack nutrients needed by the body.

It turns out that there are several other reasons behind the fast hunger that comes over, like doing physical activity. Physical activity makes the calories in your body burn, so the body sends signals that require more calories to burn. Then, what can cause fast hunger even though you have just eaten?

The reason you get hungry quickly

1. Dehydration

Lack of fluid in the body, aka dehydration, can be read as hunger according to Alisa Rumsey, speaker of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It turns out that when we experience a lack of fluids in the body, the brain experiences confusion in reading signals sent by the body. The brain reads it as hunger needs food intake, and thirst needs liquid. Therefore, when we drink less, it is often accompanied by hunger. According to Rumsey, "If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water, and wait around 15-20 minutes, see if hunger will decrease." Besides making us feel hungry, dehydration can also make us sleepy easily.

2. Sleep deprivation

Still according to Rumsey, speaker of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, hunger can be caused by lack of sleep. According to him, lack of sleep will make you increase the hormone ghrelin, this hormone stimulates the feeling of wanting to eat something. In addition, lack of sleep will also reduce the hormone leptin. This hormone is a hormone that stimulates a feeling of fullness. The brain reads these hormones when you lack sleep, so getting enough sleep can make you fresher and prevent hunger from coming early.

3. Consume too much carbohydrate

There are three types of carbohydrate foods, one of which causes drowsiness to come faster is starchy carbohydrates, such as donuts, pasta, crackers, and pastries. Be careful with this food because it can raise your blood sugar and reduce it quickly. As a result of this rapid rise and fall that makes you become hungry fast. It's better to choose carbohydrates that are rich in fiber, like apples.

4. Stress

When stressed, you will think twice more than usual. These many thought conditions make you need more energy. When you need more energy, your body will send signals to the brain. In addition, when stressed, the brain will reduce serotine hormone. This reduced serotine hormone makes you feel hungry, even though you are not hungry. This is one of the reasons when stress is venturing into food and wanting to always eat something.

5. Lack of fat intake

We are often afraid if we have to eat fatty foods. However, eating less fat can also make you easily hungry. Consuming enough fat can make you feel full until it's time to eat again. Choose sources of healthy fats like avocados. According to experts, you should consume about 20-35 percent of fat from your daily total calories.

6. Ignore snacking time

Snacking is also good to do. Between pausing the distance between two meals, snacking can keep your stomach filled. If your stomach is empty for too long, this will result in the production of the hormone ghrelin. As explained above, this hormone stimulates the feeling of wanting to eat something.

7. Side effects of treatment

If you take antidepressants like Zoloft and Paxil, you may feel hungry more often. If you feel hungry after eating heavily and you are also undergoing treatment, you should consult a doctor about this. It could be that the medication you are taking really affects your hunger, so your doctor can recommend other drugs as your treatment.


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