7 Best MPASI Choices for Baby Led Weaning

7 Best MPASI Choices for Baby Led Weaning

7 Best MPASI Choices for Baby Led Weaning


7 Best MPASI Choices for Baby Led Weaning

The recent trend of baby-led weaning (BLW) is emerging among new mothers thanks to the influence of social media. But do not carelessly introduce the first solid food for your little one, even though he is 6 months old. Most mothers allow your child to pick a variety of foods that are not necessarily good for him. Then, what kind of baby led weaning food is best for training children to eat on their own?

Baby-led weaning should not be done carelessly

The term baby led weaning (BLW) was created around 2003 by a British health visitor, Gill Rapley. This method offers solid food to the baby by letting the baby feed himself using his hands without the help of the mother. Baby led weaning foods generally include fruits and vegetables that are cut into small pieces and boiled until soft, then placed in front of the child and then taken by the child and eaten alone.

Some studies have found that this method is a good way to allow babies to manage their own food intake. Such responsive feeding can also help improve diet and sharpen the ability of babies to respond to cues of hunger and fullness at the start of breastfeeding.

If you want to apply this method, make sure if your child is 6 months old. At that age, your baby is generally able to sit alone and take things around him. In addition, the reflex of the tongue to chew and remove food is already good, and most importantly their intestines are better prepared to digest food.

However, remember, you need to always monitor and pay attention to the movements of children when they eat so they don't choke. So, before doing this method requires adequate preparation and knowledge so as not to harm the little one.

The best variety of baby led weaning foods for babies

To start BLW, you need to prepare the right solid food. Both in terms of taste, texture, nutrition or pieces of food to match the strength of the hand and the baby's ability to chew. Here are some of the best baby lead weaning choices for babies.

1. Steamed carrots

When you want to introduce MPASI to your child, it's good with vegetables. So that it can help children prefer this healthy food early. The first choice of healthy vegetables suitable for BLW is steamed carrots. Cut small carrots like rectangular blocks according to the child's grip. Then, steam the carrots for a few minutes longer than usual to make sure the texture is soft enough for the baby's gums. But don't steam it too soft because the baby must be able to hold the carrot and bring it to his mouth.

2. Steamed broccoli

Steamed broccoli is one of the most popular baby led weaning foods because it has a part that is easy to grasp and a soft texture and delicious taste. Just like carrots, you need to steam it for a few minutes more than usual to make it soft enough for the baby to chew. If the baby has a sensitive stomach, you can delay giving broccoli to your child because these vegetables can make his stomach bloated.

3. Steamed asparagus

Asparagus is suitable for baby led weaning because the long shape is easy for the baby to hold. The asparagus tip also has a unique texture, which triggers the child's curiosity to explore this vegetable.

4. Meat cuts

When babies are more "expert" in chewing, you can switch to meat. Meat is a good source of protein, so it will help the growth and development of the baby. Chicken or beef is good as the first MPB for BLW babies.

5. Egg

You can provide an egg menu because it has good protein and vitamin A for babies. If you want to give a boiled egg, make sure the egg yolk is fully cooked and then slice the egg into 4 parts. The white and yellow parts will separate, so let the little one choose which one to eat.

Whereas if you want to give an omelette, you can shake one egg and fry it with a little oil. This soft and highly nutritious omelet can be an alternative BLW food everyday. You can take turns of omelet and omelet to introduce different flavors and textures.

6. Avocados

Avocados contain a lot of good fat, which is very important for children's brain development. Not only that, the soft texture makes this food right as a baby's first food, even for babies who don't have teeth. Although soft, this avocado piece can still be held properly by a small hand.

7. Banana

Bananas are another good baby lead weaning meal. Some parents give bananas that are not too soft so the baby can hold them firmly. Use your estimates when offering whole or partial bananas to your little one.

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