7 Benefits of Fun and Healthy Trampoline Sports

7 Benefits of Fun and Healthy Trampoline Sports

7 Benefits of Fun and Healthy Trampoline Sports


7 Benefits of Fun and Healthy Trampoline Sports

Bored with just that kind of exercise? Now is the time to try trampoline sports. Sports that are done by jumping on a trampoline offer exciting activities and different experiences from sports in general. Not only that, it turns out that this one activity also has many health benefits. Anything? Find out more in this article.

Benefits of trampoline sports

1. Healthier than running

A study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) showed that running gave a heavier burden on the ankles and lower limbs. Whereas in people who jump, the style on the trampoline will be distributed evenly to the jumper's legs, back and head. That way, more body muscles work and are trained during trampoline sports.

The study also concluded that someone who jumped spent as much energy as someone who ran, but with a lighter burden on their body.

2. Improve body balance and coordination

One of the most studied benefits of trampoline is helping to improve body balance and coordination, especially in the elderly population. Even so, trampoline sports are not only good for increasing balance in older adults only.

The reason, according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, is that trampoline exercise for six weeks is a little effective for improving athletes' body balance after experiencing ankle sprains.

Indeed, this research is done in everything that is small, so it is difficult to estimate its effectiveness in a wider scale. But at least, the results of the study show that trampolines can be one of the preferred training tools for athletes who try to recover after an injury.

3. Good for heart health

Trampoline sports can provide the same benefits as aerobic exercise, where both are good for heart and lung health.

Because trampolines can increase oxygen uptake because more oxygen can reach the cell due to changes in gravity that occur when your body bounces. Even in some studies, trampolines are considered to have the ability to absorb more oxygen than running on a treadmill.

4. Control blood sugar

According to a study published in the Australian Journal of Rural Health, trampoline exercise routinely three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes over a period of nine weeks produces positive changes in blood sugar test results and body mass index in people with type diabetes 2.

Even more interesting, the positive effects of this sport do not only apply to people with diabetes or prediabetes. Based on research conducted on people with normal glucose (sugar) levels, it was found that exercise with high intensity trampolines for 50 minutes was able to reduce glucose levels effectively during and after exercise. The study was conducted in 2016 and published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

5. Reduces back pain

One of the most surprising benefits of trampoline is reducing back pain. This is based on studies published in the Journal of Sport and Tourism in Poland. Middle-aged people who exercise trampolines for 21 days are known to have increased functional capacity which significantly reduces back pain.

However, before starting this exercise you are advised to consult a doctor first. Because, jumping too much or too high for some people who already have back pain can worsen their condition.

6. Relieve stress

Jumping on a trampoline is very fun. Especially if done outdoors while enjoying fresh air. Everyone who does this sport certainly no one can refrain from smiling after being thrown into the air as if you were flying. This sensation is an effective means of relieving stress and making you happier.

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