6 Tips to Help a Shy Pair to Have Intimate Relationships

6 Tips to Help a Shy Pair to Have Intimate Relationships

6 Tips to Help a Shy Pair to Have Intimate Relationships


6 Tips to Help a Shy Pair to Have Intimate Relationships

Do you want to try new things in bed, but is your partner shy? Relax, you are not the only person who experiences it. Opening yourself up for others when having sex is not easy. Your partner may want to venture further, but he is not comfortable enough and brave enough to try it. Well, here are tips on making a partner who is ashamed to have sex to be more relaxed and confident.

Is your partner ashamed of having sex?

There are people who have low sex drive, and some are really embarrassed when having sex. Both are different things and the cause is not the same. So make sure first, which type of your partner?

Couples who are shy about having sex generally have normal sex drive. He just want to be invited to make love and will enjoy sex with you. However, when you flirt with sexy words, he becomes nervous and fails to make love. Another feature is reluctance to try new sex positions. Especially what is quite out of the box for him, for example anal sex.

Or maybe he actually wants to try a position or technique that is quite unique, but must be persuaded first. Usually couples who are embarrassed to have sex also refuse to have sex with lights brightly lit.

Helping couples who are shy during sex

The key to helping shy couples have sex is to be patient and slow down. Sex is not an easy or familiar thing for him so he needs adjustment. So, don't forget to check the following tips.

1. Why do couples feel embarrassed?

To help him "get out of the shell" out of shame, find out why the couple feels embarrassed. For example he is anxious about his body, afraid of being considered thirsty for sex or too naughty, and various other reasons.

Talk about this fear, make sure you love and admire his body. Also let you know that you don't mind if your partner invites you to have sex first or if he has a sex fantasy you want to manifest.

2. Build trust and comfort

So that couples are more relaxed and confident, build trust and comfort. The way is by not criticizing the couple's performance in bed spicy. If you don't like certain touches, for example, gently touch your partner's hand and slowly slide his hand to another place while smiling or intimate kissing the couple. Don't immediately tell him to stop because that will make him feel inferior.

3. Turn off the lights or use an eye patch

Couples are nervous because they feel you're staring at them? Try to dim the room lights, make love behind the blanket, or use an eye patch. That way, he doesn't need to worry about your movements or sexual expressions being watched by you.

After getting used to it, explain the lights a little or ask the couple to close their eyes, without closing. And so on gradually until finally the couple is confident enough to make love with bright lights or while looking at you.

4. Make him curious

To generate courage from within, make your partner curious and want to take the initiative. For example, for two weeks you don't invite her to have sex. However, keep teasing your partner by kissing or hugging her intently before going to bed.

Your partner will feel the anticipation and passion that peak. From there, he will learn to conquer his shame to invite you to make love.

5. Watch a sexy movie together

Couples may be embarrassed because they don't have much insight into sex. For that, invite your partner to watch a sexy movie together if he refuses to watch adult films. Sexy films mean romantic films but there are erotic scenes. Your partner will learn about various new positions, how to tease you, and various new possibilities in bed. When you get used to it, just ask to find adult films and watch them together.

6. Create a supportive atmosphere

Vacation to a romantic place or juggling a bedroom like a bride on the first night can be a strategy to make couples more open about sex. Prepare aromatherapy candles and flowers to seduce them. To be more relaxed, give a gentle massage to your partner. Then whispered, "Tonight I want you to be in control."

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