6 Tempting Facts About Breast Nipples That You Might Not Know

6 Tempting Facts About Breast Nipples That You Might Not Know

6 Tempting Facts About Breast Nipples That You Might Not Know


6 Tempting Facts About Breast Nipples That You Might Not Know

Every woman and man has different nipples. Apart from being influenced by genetic factors, hormonal levels also turned out to influence the differences in the shape and color of the nipples of everyone, especially women. There are some unique facts about breast nipples that you might not know. Anything? Check out the following review.

Unique facts about breast nipples

1. There are people who have 3 three nipples

It's not unusual for men or women to be born with three nipples, or even more. Even though it is quite a lot, this condition might happen. These additional nipples resemble moles or birthmarks and generally never develop into actual breasts. This extra nipple can appear on any part of the body, even in your hands or feet.

2. Breast nipples can go inside

Some people have breast nipples that appear to go inside instead of sticking out. According to Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, a plastic surgeon said that about 15 percent of women have nipples that go in because of 'congenital' birth.

This condition occurs because of a problem in the tissue connection under the nipples, ligaments and skin. In many cases, the nipples that go inside are harmless and can be treated with a surgical procedure.

Even so, you should be vigilant if you have protruding nipples before, but then slowly turn inside. Because this can be a sign of a certain medical condition.

3. Aerola can be covered with fine hair

The growth of fine hair around the nipples precisely at the aerola is normal. This can occur due to hormonal and genetic factors. Especially in men, fine hair growth will appear more real than women. However, if you have fine hair growth around the nipple recently and accompanied by other complaints such as menstrual disorders, immediately check the nearest doctor.

4. Breast nipples are stimulation sensitive zones

Putting the breast is the most sensitive area to touch. Dark areas around the nipples known as areloa consist of nerves that are quite sensitive. According to researchers from Rutgers University, when nipples are sexually stimulated, activity in a part called the sensory cortex increases. The reaction of the sensory cortex is apparently exactly the same as the reaction when the vagina, clitoris and cervix are aroused.

That's why, if you give stimulation around the nipple, it can bring sexual satisfaction. Usually the nipples will enlarge and harden when exposed to stimulation.

5. The color of the nipple can change

Apart from the size and shape of different breasts, the color of the nipples can be different for each person. This color change is generally caused due to hormonal changes when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. Not only that, even the nipples can change color to darker as a person ages.

6. Fluid can come out of the nipple even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding

Your body will produce milk naturally during pregnancy. However, there are some women whose milk comes out of the nipple even though they are not pregnant or breastfeeding. In medical terms this is called galactorrhea, which can occur in one or both breasts.

Generally this condition is caused by breast stimulation such as when breastfeeding, for example when squeezing breasts, sexual arousal, or being exposed to friction. Not only that, some drugs such as birth control pills, H2 blockers, and psychotropic drugs, can also trigger galactorrhea.

Even though it is quite common, you should still be vigilant if this condition occurs continuously and the fluid that comes out from the nipple contains blood or pus, and has a sticky texture. Because, this can be a sign of a serious medical condition. That is why, immediately check with your doctor to get the right treatment according to your needs.

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