6 Signs Your Relationship and Spouse Are Not Worth Fighting For

6 Signs Your Relationship and Spouse Are Not Worth Fighting For

6 Signs Your Relationship and Spouse Are Not Worth Fighting For


6 Signs Your Relationship and Spouse Are Not Worth Fighting For

Everyone wants to have a lasting and harmonious relationship. However, not always a relationship can run smoothly. Although it is hard, sometimes the decision to end the relationship is the best solution for both parties. If you continue to be forced to survive, it is not impossible for your relationship and he will actually bring more stress and negative aura in each other's lives. What are the signs of an unhappy relationship?

Signs of unhappy relationship

Saturated, bored, angry, and disappointed is a natural part of the sour salt of a love affair. So before really settling on your story, first, first believe your feelings that this is not just a momentary emotion.

You can ask yourself a few questions below to find the answer.

Do you fight a lot, until you throw swear words and play physically?

Whether you are dating a month or have been married for a dozen years, it seems that no couple has never had a fight. Small quarrels are a natural thing and can be a flavoring for your love.

Another story is if you and the him fight more often and exaggerate the problem than making out. This is the first emergency sign that you should be aware of. Especially if the quarrel is "decorated" with words of verbal abuse, rebuke, swear cries, throwing plates at each other, even to the point of playing physically.

Domestic violence or dating violence cannot be tolerated, be it physical, verbal, or psychological. Forcing you to endure unhealthy relationships that are full of violence can threaten your physical health and your emotional and psychological well-being.

Are you calculating a relationship?

When one of the "hobby" parties calculates the good or sweet deeds he does for a partner and then compares the treatment with what the couple has done for him, this can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship that is not worth keeping.

If he always demands that you expect more from you to "pay" what he has given you, this will eventually make you always think negatively about yourself ("I have never been enough for him" or "I have never felt valued ") So that it ultimately undermines your confidence.

Remember that a healthy love affair functions like a partnership, where both parties have equal and strong positions - not based on reciprocity and debts.

Are you afraid to talk to your partner about important things?

A healthy romance is based on honesty and mutual openness. Even so, that doesn't mean you don't have privacy at all.

Maybe not all secrets at first need to be revealed directly to the couple, but do you always feel reluctant or reluctant to talk for fear of offending or afraid of facing a partner's response after knowing it?

The important thing, especially regarding your relationship, needs to be known by your partner. If you cover the important secrets of your partner, this can damage the longevity of your relationship for a long time. He can feel betrayed because being left constantly "blind" will be your secret. The secret in question can include the people closest to you (who spend the most time with you), information about personal finances, or trends in drug and alcohol abuse.

No matter how long you have been dating, you need to know your partner inside and out. That way you can get to know each other more, and nothing is hidden so that it further increases your sense of trust in your partner.

6 Signs Your Relationship and Spouse Are Not Worth Fighting For

Does your partner only care about himself?

Couples who are seriously committed usually have a clear and detailed shadow about their future, hopes and dreams. Your presence and position in all your life plans are clearly imprinted.

Ideally, a healthy relationship must be fulfilled by mutual respect and respect for each other. But if until now your partner only cares about himself, only talking about himself only when alone, giving less support, even just asking news each one is very rare, the sign might be that you should rethink the future of both of you. p>

The lack of empathy and respect is the biggest problem that will eventually destroy your relationship. Harassing and degrading behavior, even as simple as not apologizing when he made a mistake or even turned your back on you, is a warning sign that you really need to be aware of properly. Relationships that only run unilaterally will never last.

Do you feel you can't do something right?

Your partner should be your greatest encouragement. But if you always feel anxious about your appearance and not confident in front of him; You always feel that you can't do something right when you are with it; or you often doubt yourself, this can be a serious sign of an abusive and manipulative relationship.

For example, he always exaggerates trivial mistakes, such as accusing you of being unloved and caring about him when you buy the brand of his favorite toothpaste.

Are you or your partner jealous too much?

Jealousy is normal in relationships, but if jealousy is excessive it can be bad for your relationship.

You are immediately angry to see your partner being friends with the opposite sex. There are even some people who are jealous to forbid their partners to leave the house or ask them not to be friends with someone who is jealous, so you prefer to lie with your partner to avoid conflict. Be careful, this is your sign and he is having an unhappy relationship.

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