6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard


6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

When you have to mention a rare disease, it might be that comes to your mind, diseases like ebola, zika, or some diseases caused by genetic disorders. Yes, maybe it is indeed a rare disease that rarely happens. However, besides all of that, it turns out there are some other rare and strange diseases. Some of these diseases you may have never heard of before or can even surprise you. Anything? Below is the answer.

A rare and strange disease that you may never know

1. Alice in Wonderland syndrome

This disease is named after the main character from the classic opening by Lewis Caroll, namely Alice. In the fantasy story, Alice has the ability to shrink herself. Well, Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS) is a brain disorder that damages a person's perception of size.

This rare disease is also known as Todd's syndrome or liliput (small) hallucinations, this condition makes you experience changes in body image or the surrounding environment, where visible body parts or external objects become larger or smaller than they really are.

Although it is unclear what causes AIWS, epilepsy, brain tumors, psychoactive drug use, and Epstein-Barr virus are linked to the causes of this disease.

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Generally these disorders occur in children and then disappear when they reach adolescence. However, it can also survive to adulthood.

In 2013, The Daily Mail reported that AIWS was still owned by a 24-year-old British woman. He began experiencing AIWS attacks since the age of 5 years and occurred almost every day during childhood. Meanwhile, the attacks begin to decrease as adults, but still appear several times each year.

He described the feeling when experiencing an attack, he said that, "Attacks gradually accumulate you. You feel like the room is narrowing to you and your body is getting bigger.

Your arms and legs begin to feel longer. The objects around you appear farther or appear smaller than them. Everything feels excessive and the movements feel faster and suddenly. It feels exactly like Alice did in a book - everything feels big or small and strangely disproportionate. "

2. Water allergy

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Urticaria aquagenic or water allergy, this rare disease may sound surprising, because considering about 60 percent of the human body consists of water.

People with aquagenic urticaria cannot come into contact with wet objects. He will quickly itch after the skin comes in contact with water, especially in the neck, arms, and upper body.

People with this rare disease cannot bathe, swim, or get rain. Even for some people, crying can also cause itching. In rare cases, drinking water can also trigger an allergic reaction.

The number of people who have water allergies is unclear, although research shows this condition is more common in women than men, and usually occurs during puberty or afterwards.

The exact cause of this allergy is not yet clear, but experts cite several possible causes, such as substances contained in water and can cause allergies.

3. Geographic tongue

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Geographical tongue has symptoms similar to psoriasis in the mouth, namely the appearance of wounds on the surface or sides of the tongue.

Geographical tongue is an inflammatory condition of the tongue that causes lesions to form like islands on a map. Usually the wound looks irregular, red or white, and has a yellow border on the edge. This condition can cause a feeling of burning or irritation.

The cause of geographical tongue is unknown. However, researchers argue that this condition is triggered by things that cause stress, including allergies, hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, psychological disorders, and even spicy foods.

4. Fish odor syndrome

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Fish odor syndrome or fishy odor is usually caused by the body lacking an enzyme that prevents the breakdown of trimethylamine (TMA). Trimethylamine is a chemical from digestion of proteins that causes unpleasant odors, such as the smell of rotten fish.

This smell will smell in your urine, sweat and breath. There is no cure for this syndrome, but you can reduce the symptoms by having a TMA free diet. This diet is done by avoiding eating nuts, eggs, and certain types of fish and meat.

5. Kleine-Levin syndrome

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome, is a rare and complex neurological disorder. This syndrome is characterized by too much sleep and repeatedly. This syndrome is more common in adolescents.

6. Morgellons disease

6 Rare and Strange Diseases You May Never Have Heard

Morgellons is a condition that makes someone feel like something is walking, biting, crawling or stinging on their skin. This condition can cause pain and certainly disrupt activities. Even so, this disease is rare and it is still poorly understood what causes it.

People who experience this disease will often feel confused, anxious, and stressed. Some doctors recognize this condition as a delusional infestation.

Doctors usually provide treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, and counseling. Meanwhile, other doctors think these symptoms are associated with infection in skin cells. Therefore, further research is needed regarding this disease.

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