6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Sports Bootcamp

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Sports Bootcamp

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Sports Bootcamp


Bootcamp is a sport that combines a series of exercises such as push-ups, lunges, and squats by running, jumping, and other high-intensity aerobic movements. This one sport is adapted from military exercises that are useful for training strength, endurance and agility. Before you start, it's a good idea to find out about various errors when playing bootcamp. That way, you can avoid it and get the maximum benefit from this one sport.

Register an error while sporting bootcamp

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Sports Bootcamp

Here are various errors that need to be avoided when doing bootcamp sports, namely:

1. Don't eat before exercise

Bootcamp includes heavy energy draining. You also need enough food to prepare for exercise. When you haven't eaten or may not eat enough and proper food, exercise will be hampered.

Your movements are slower, you can't follow the bootcamp direction correctly, so finally the calories burned are very few.

2. Move very fast

In this one sport, you are asked to do a certain movement within a specified period of time in each movement. The goal is to do each loop of the exercise that is instructed correctly.

However, not because every movement is limited in time and then you rush to use time with very fast movements. This can actually make you injured and cause chronic wounds.

3. Ignore instructor's direction

The instructor or trainer helps and guides you in the bootcamp you are carrying out. The goal, in addition to ensuring you make the right moves also to minimize you from the possibility of injury. Unfortunately, sometimes some people feel engrossed themselves and feel they can, so ignore the instructions from the instructor.

In fact, the instructor's presence in each exercise is not to confuse the practice, but rather to help you.

4. Do not request special training

In an exercise program, there are usually various movements outside the main movement that can be adjusted to perfect the movement or improve certain skills. Ask for this specific movement in the training instructor when he is not giving it.

Because sports won't be effective if you have physical limitations and a history of injury but just keep quiet without notifying the bootcamp instructor.

5. Play in a safe zone

If you have tried this one sport for months, then it's time for you to challenge yourself. Usually a good instructor will pay attention to your progress in each training session and provide extra training that you have never tried before.

However, if your instructor turns out to forget to add to the training load, don't keep quiet and continue the exercise in the same way. This is done so that the exercise you do becomes more effective and gets maximum results.

6. Don't stretch

Bootcamp sports, especially those involving high intensity exercise will usually increase your heart rate and make the muscles work harder. Therefore, when the exercise is complete try to do various stretches to restore the body's condition. Don't go straight out and hurry up and change clothes before you stretch.

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