6 Everyday Habits That Can Improve Your Sex Passion

6 Everyday Habits That Can Improve Your Sex Passion

6 Everyday Habits That Can Improve Your Sex Passion


Increasing sex drive doesn't have to be by taking viagra or other strong drugs. In fact, carelessly taking strong drugs can actually endanger your health. For those of you who have heart disease, in particular, the side effects of Viagra drugs can worsen the heart condition. But no need to worry if your sex drive decreases. There are many simple ways you can do every day to increase sexual desire, without having to use drugs.

Daily habits that increase sex drive

1. Check your birth control pills and medication

Passion is influenced by hormones that work on your body. There are several drugs whose side effects can affect hormones, thereby reducing sex drive. One of them is a birth control pill used by women to prevent pregnancy.

Therefore, consult with your doctor first about each drug you use. The doctor can reduce the dose or change the choice of medication to suit your condition.

2. Spend time together all day

Take your time together with your partner in one day. You can go watch a movie in a cinema, sports, or have dinner at a romantic restaurant. Or just steal time for vent sessions and a bit of flirting. Build a romantic atmosphere, until finally returning home happily and passionate about having sex.

3. Schedule your intimate relationship

Getting busy working and taking care of your home might make you forget about the lovemaking session that you usually do with your partner. Schedule your time to have sex with your partner. Always make sure you both carry out the romantic agenda.

4. Eat healthy food

High-cholesterol foods such as fried foods, foods rich in animal fat, and whole-milk products can cause cholesterol buildup in the heart arteries. Blood flow that is not smooth can reduce arousal, and even cause sexual dysfunction such as impotence.

You should consume healthy foods that can increase your sex drive. Some recommended foods are foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, foods containing CoQ10 and lycopene can also help increase libido.

5. Joint physical activity

Doing physical activity can increase your sexual satisfaction. In addition, by doing it with your partner, you will get your romantic moments. You can do a morning run together, go to the gym, or climb the mountain together with your partner to make your relationship warmer.

6. Sharing domestic work

A married couple must take the time to take care of the household together. For example, if the wife is busy with the task of cooking, washing, cleaning and cleaning the house, the husband can take the children to play in the yard. Automatically, you easily create a harmonious and easy relationship to increase your sex drive.

Sharing household matters can both reduce the burden and stress on one partner. That way, you will be even more eager to have sex, instead of harboring resentment because you feel that you just have to take care of the house.

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