5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do


5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

When you are sick you cannot move as usual and you also need to take medication that you certainly don't like. Although it can cure you from illness, how to take the wrong medication can actually make your health condition even worse.

How do you take the wrong medicine?

1. Do not read the rules for using prescription drugs

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

When sick, some people may tend to prefer over-the-counter medicines at a pharmacy or shop. Especially in non-severe diseases such as diarrhea, fever, or constipation. Besides being more practical without having to wait in line to see a doctor, using drugs without a prescription is also considered more affordable.

Don't get me wrong, using drugs without a prescription can also make your condition worse. Why? Not carefully reading the rules for taking medication can cause you to take medication with too many doses, the drug reacts with other diseases that you have, the performance of the drug is disrupted because of other drugs you use, or it can be wrong when taking medication.

So, before you use a drug without a prescription, make sure that the medication you are using is in accordance with the disease you have. Ask the pharmacist or find out in advance about the medication you want to use. Don't forget to read the rules for taking the medicine carefully.

2. Take certain medications without a prescription in the long term

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

Having a disease whose symptoms often recur and usually improves with certain drugs can make you dependent on the drug. When symptoms recur, you may choose to buy the drug even without a prescription from a doctor.

The habit of using drugs without a prescription and being used in the long term can bring bad side effects to the body. For example pain relievers such as ibuprofen. This drug is very easy to find but is not used for the long term. Reporting from Reader’s Digest, if it continues to be used, kidney failure and bleeding in the stomach lining can occur.

So, whatever medication you take, especially if symptoms of the disease often appear and interfere with your activities, immediately see a doctor. Consult the use of drugs and the development of your condition to avoid the severity of the disease and excessive drug use.

3. Use the antibiotics just like that

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

If you have a disease that causes fungi or bacteria, usually the medicine you should take is antibiotics. Unfortunately, this drug is not always effective in treating the same disease at a later time.

Using the same antibiotic or taking antibiotics incorrectly can make bacteria or fungi become resistant to the antibiotic. As a result, the disease will be more difficult to treat and you should take other antibiotics with a stronger dose or potential for the drug.

So, during treatment you must pay close attention to how the effects of antibiotics on your health. Consult how to take the right antibiotic medication and the development of your health to the doctor.

4. Stop or not take prescription drugs

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

When the body feels better, feeling lazy to spend the drug often appears. Even though there are certain drugs that you actually have to drink until they run out. Likewise with drug side effects that sometimes make you uncomfortable so you do not want to spend the drug.

The lazy attitude of taking this medicine can slow down the body's recovery from disease. It can even cause the disease to get worse. You certainly don't want to experience this?

Well, for that you have to take medication on time and spend it as instructed by the doctor. You can ask your doctor to give you another medication whose side effects are lighter so it doesn't make you lazy to take medicine.

5. Use drugs that have been stored for a long time

5 Ways to Take Wrong Medications, But Often You Do

The medicine for coughing, febrifuge, laxatives, or diarrhea medication is definitely one of them in your medicine cabinet, right? Well, storing these types of drugs does make it easier for you when you are sick so you don't have to go out to buy medicine.

However, the drug also has a time limit for use, just like food. Do not pay attention to when the drug expiration and keep using it can worsen the infection or symptoms of the disease.

We recommend that you note when the drug expiration date. The date is usually listed on a drug container or an outer packaging container. In order not to forget, note the expiration date on the medicine container with a marker or label.

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