5 Ways to Reduce High Levels of SGOT and SGPT

5 Ways to Reduce High Levels of SGOT and SGPT

5 Ways to Reduce High Levels of SGOT and SGPT


SGOT and SGPT are examinations performed to determine how well the liver and other organs function. the results of both examinations are equally high can be a sign of a liver disorder that needs to be examined further. So, how to reduce SGOT and high SGPT levels?

Various ways that can help reduce SGOT and high SGPT levels

SGOT and SGPT are enzymes that function to help the liver digest fat. Both are not only found in the liver, but in every other organ cell. Even so, SGPT is more commonly found in the liver.

When the heart (or other organ) has a problem, then these two enzymes will enter the blood vessels and the levels will increase in the body.

In addition to drugs that might be given, here are other things you can do to reduce SGOT and SGPT levels that are high.

1. Avoid eating fatty foods

Actually, one of the causes of SGOT and high SGPT is because of the fatty foods you often eat. Yes, this enzyme is found in the liver and has the main function of breaking down fat in the body. When too much fat is entered, then over time the liver is unable to process it, so that damage to the liver cells appears.

Although fatty foods are not the main reason that makes liver function damaged, this also contributes to the increase in SGOT and SGPT. Therefore, you should avoid foods that are saturated and trans fats. Instead, consume foods that contain lots of fiber, such as vegetables and fruit.

2. Do not drink that can cause toxins to the body

Alcohol is a major cause of liver damage which then makes your SGOT and SGPT soar. If indeed you have a habit of drinking alcohol, then from now on you should stop the habit.

The heart is the organ responsible for neutralizing and filtering out toxins from the blood. Alcoholic beverages including poisons for the body, then it will be processed in the liver. If you consume too much and often, then the liver will no longer be able to process the toxins that enter and eventually there are damaged cells. When that happens, SGOT and SGPT will start to increase.

3. Stop taking excessive medication

Just like alcohol, medicinal substances that enter the body will be processed directly by the liver because it is considered a poison - although it can relieve your illness. Some drugs can damage the liver if consumed carelessly and excessively, thus increasing the workload of the liver and eventually the levels of these two enzymes also increase. So, you should consult all the drugs that you will consume with your doctor and obey the drinking rules.

5 Ways to Reduce High Levels of SGOT and SGPT

4. Avoid high-sugar foods

The fact is, not only fatty foods can make fat levels increase in the body, but also high-calorie foods such as sweet foods. All these sweet foods will be processed into glucose in the body which is usually used as an energy ingredient.

However, if there is too much glucose, then the unused glucose will be stored by the body into body fat reserves. Now, when more fat, the liver function will be disrupted. So, you should avoid all sweet foods from now on.

5. Sports routine

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, be diligent about exercising to lose weight and maintain an ideal body weight. This is an attempt to get your SGOT and SGPT back to normal.

Exercise should be done every day for 30 minutes. You can start from a simple sport first, like walking or jogging in your home area. That way, the body fat also burns.

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