5 Types of Foot Sports That Can Maintain Brain Health

5 Types of Foot Sports That Can Maintain Brain Health

5 Types of Foot Sports That Can Maintain Brain Health


5 Types of Foot Sports That Can Maintain Brain Health

As we get older, the brain will age so that brain function also decreases naturally. Lately, you might be easy to forget or difficult to learn new things? Those are signs of brain function that have started to slow down. Even so, the decline in brain function related to aging can be delayed or even prevented by exercising early. Research shows that certain types of exercise that specifically focus on the strength and endurance of the legs can help maintain brain health. What's the connection?

Understanding the relationship between brain, muscle, and nervous system

The brain is the central nervous system that regulates and governs all of the body's nervous systems and muscles to take action. For example, when you want to kick a ball.

The motor cortex of the brain will send a signal to the spinal cord which will then instruct the leg muscles to contract, which is the kick movement on the ball.

Interestingly, when the area of ​​the brain responsible for carrying out a movement is experiencing interference, the brain will do neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of brain nerve cells to repair relationships and replace other parts of the brain to take over.

The better functioning of your brain's neuroplasticity, the more flexible and agile the brain is to regulate all bodily functions.

Types of exercise that focus on the feet help maintain brain health

Reporting from Medical News Today, many studies have shown that muscle activity affects neuromuscular function, namely the ability of the nervous system, muscles, and brain to work together. The presence of muscle activity can stimulate the formation of new nerve cells, especially in the hipocampus (an area of ​​the brain that stores memory and processes information).

A study led by Raffaella Adami from Università degli Study in Italy found that the type of exercise that opposes gravity supports the health of the lab rat's brain. These activities can develop glial cells whose function is to protect nerve cells, triggering the production of neurons in the brain, while increasing muscle mass.

Exercises that oppose gravity referred to by Adami are sports that support and the pressure is on the leg muscles. Various types of exercises that focus on leg strength are:

1. Walk and run

5 Types of Foot Sports That Can Maintain Brain Health

Walking relaxed, brisk walking, and running are the easiest types of exercise. In fact, you can adjust the speed and distance. Most importantly, you can do this sport anytime and anywhere. This type of exercise strengthens the leg muscles, promotes blood circulation, maintains your brain and heart health.

2. Dancing

Don't get me wrong, dancing is also included in physical activity. The muscles in your body will contract according to the rhythm of the music. There is cooperation between the senses, the brain, and also the muscles in the body. You can try salsa, samba, or tango dances

This dance focuses on the movement speed of your feet, hips and hands. This exercise can improve your body's balance, make the heart more active, and strengthen bones.

3. Climb, climb the stairs, and jump

It's not just walking and running, climbing or climbing stairs that also give you a footstool. In fact, this type of exercise is even more intense because you have to climb and also decrease so it is more optimal to increase leg bone density.

In addition, jumping also benefits the body that is the same as climbing. Jumping requires you to lift your body and finally step on the ground.

4. Lift weights

Weight lifting requires you to lift weights so that you put pressure on your hands, back, shoulders and legs. This exercise is best for increasing muscle mass. In addition, this exercise provides benefits to the body such as increasing bone density and maintaining brain health and keeping the body in shape.

5. Badminton, tennis and table tennis

Every hit or parry movement requires you to move your foot to follow the ball or shuttlecock. Not only that, this exercise also requires your arms, wrists, wrists and spine to move. Besides burning energy, this type of exercise keeps increasing bone density, strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, and is healthy for your brain.

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