5 Things You Need to Check When Choosing the Best Sunblock for Skin

5 Things You Need to Check When Choosing the Best Sunblock for Skin

5 Things You Need to Check When Choosing the Best Sunblock for Skin


Nowadays the use of sunblock is common and is not only used when going to the beach. The use of sunblock becomes as important as foundation, even more. Based on research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, the researchers recommend that everyone use sunblock every day. Because the use of sunblock regularly not only prevents skin cancer, but also delay skin aging. With the many choices of sunblock available on the market, how do you choose the best sunblock for the skin? Find out the answers in this article.

What should be considered when choosing the best sunblock for the skin

1. Protection level

Choose a sunblock product that reads "Broad Spectrum". This means that the sunblock product provides broad spectrum or multi-spectrum protection from both types of UV rays, namely ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). Don't forget, also pay attention to the SPF level contained in it.

The higher the SPF number, the higher the protection level of the skin from sun exposure. Even so, the SPF level does not guarantee 100 percent that the skin will not burn. Only products with high SPF can provide stronger protection from the risk of long-term skin damage, such as skin cancer.

2. Texture

There's nothing wrong with trying a little sunblock before you decide to buy it. You can apply a little sunblock to the hand. After that, feel whether the sunblock is quickly absorbed or it does not seep into the skin. Avoid choosing sunblock which is oily and sticky. Also, make sure also if the sunblock you choose doesn't leave white stains on your face.

Semi-matte sunblock can be an alternative choice to give results that are almost invisible to the skin, but still effective for protecting your skin.

3. Note the expiration date

This one is no less important. The reason is, many people often ignore the expiration date when buying cosmetic products. Yes, not only food, the sunblock that you use to protect your skin also has an expiration date.

That's why, don't forget to always check the expiration date of the sunblock you want to buy. Do not let you use products that have expired. Instead of providing benefits, expired sunblocks actually damage your skin.

4. Adjust to your needs

Like most skin care products, the three main keys to choosing sunblock are comfortable to use, have positive results, and function well. Of course the emphasis on choosing sunscreens is mostly on the third point, but the previous two points should not be ignored.

For example, if you spend time swimming or sunbathing in the sun, you need a sunscreen with waterproof characteristics. The advantage of a waterproof sunblock is that you do not have to worry about the sun when you are swimming or sunbathing, so you do not need to repeatedly apply sunblock to the skin.

5. Skin type

Before buying the best sunblock, the thing that must be considered is your skin type. If you have oily and acne prone skin, choose a lighter sunblock product. Gel-shaped sunblock can be an alternative to oily skin. Because sunblock gel form is lighter and works well on oily skin.

Sunblock which contains zinc oxide can help with acne prone skin. Also avoid sunblock spray (spray) for those of you who have dry skin types. This is because spray sunblocks tend to be alcohol based so they can make the skin dry more.

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