5 Things You Must Do When Watching Bullying

5 Things You Must Do When Watching Bullying

5 Things You Must Do When Watching Bullying


5 Things You Must Do When Watching Bullying

Schools and social media are not the only places where bullying or shielding takes place. You can see this action on the road or at work. According to one study, bullying in the workplace can even make someone feel depressed beyond the pressure of the demands of the job itself. So, what should you do if you see bullying?

Will you only record the event and spread it through social media? Well, the explanation below can help you take a stand when you go around bullying wherever and whenever.

What kind of action can be called bullying or shielding?

Bullying is physical or mental violence in which one or more people attack or intimidate others. This action does not only occur when the perpetrators physically abuse the victim, such as hitting, slapping, or kicking.

Bullying can also be done without physical violence. For example, mocking, mocking, calling someone who is called despicable or rude, can also spread gossip about the victim or embarrass him in front of many people.

Many people are afraid to stop shielding or report it for two reasons. First, feeling afraid of being the next target, secondly you don't know what to do when you see bullying.

What should I do if I see bullying?

According to research in the Journal of Human Relations, those who see bullying or witness intimidation in the workplace tend to want to resign quickly, even though they are not the target. In order for you not to be a silent witness, here are things you can do when you see bullying as reported by Psychology Today.

1. Record each event

Record each shielding event that you witness every day. Record what the bullying perpetrators did and said to the victim.

You don't need to keep watching until you are suspected, you just need to record what you happened to witness. Don't just note when these perpetrators commit physical violence. Also note the things related to bullying such as messing up the bag of victims, spreading slander, and so on.

2. Collect evidence

If you see bullying and find something that can be evidence either in the form of recordings, photos or objects, keep the evidence as good as possible. You will never know when you will need it later. Create a special folder on your laptop or cellphone to store this evidence.

If the evidence is in the form of an object, keep it in a special place to store it. Make sure you store it in a safe place. Besides that, there is no need to tell many people that you have collected a lot of evidence. All you need to know is the victim or the authorities. For example HRD manager, boss, or police.

3. Divert the attention of bullying or victims

When bullying occurs, you don't need to act heroically to save victims from the situation. There is actually an actor's ego hurt so that he will take revenge in an unexpected way. For example, when you go to the kitchen, you see your co-worker being bullied by his boss.

You can simply distract the offender by asking him to chat or pretend to look for certain cutlery and ask the help of the offender to look for it. If the offender doesn't pay attention to you, you can help the victim by saying, "Eh, you are looking for Mr. Fajar, you know. It seems like I want to discuss your proposal yesterday. "That way, the victim will have a reason to immediately leave the perpetrator.

5 Things You Must Do When Watching Bullying

4. Looking for help

Admittedly, it's hard to help victims of bullying alone. This is why it is important for you to seek support and assistance from people who are also fed up with seeing bullying done every day. The more help you succeed in gathering, the bully will be outnumbered for a long time. This will also help victims not to feel alone especially to be excluded.

5. Talk to someone who can stop the bullying action

Victims of bullying often feel afraid to talk, they are afraid that you will not defend or feel neglected if they talk about this. If this is the case, you can directly talk to someone you feel can stop this bullying.

If at the office, you can speak to HRD or authorized supervisor. If on campus, you can speak to the head of the study program, and if it happens in your neighborhood, report it to the local RT or RW leader. As a third party or witness, you are in a better position to provide an objective explanation of the negative behavior.

Stopping bullying starts with yourself

Many of you who may have consciously seen bullying. Whether it's on campus, office, or around your neighborhood. During this time you may choose to ignore this and pretend not to know. However, this means you are the same as the perpetrator who keeps the victim oppressed and humiliated.

The problem is, most actors think that their actions can be justified. For example, because he felt that indeed all of these were wrong victims who were too weak or annoying. Therefore, you and the people around you must expressly show a sense of not accepting and disliking the actions of the perpetrators. Show that shielding is not acceptable in your social sphere.

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