5 things in the bedroom that quietly damage your intimacy and your partner

5 things in the bedroom that quietly damage your intimacy and your partner

5 things in the bedroom that quietly damage your intimacy and your partner


Do you want to know how to maintain a relationship that lasts forever? Easy. Try starting from cleaning your bedroom. Without realizing it, a neat and comfortable bedroom can increase your sexual satisfaction. So, as much as possible avoid these five things from happening in your bedroom.

The condition of the bedroom that can damage your intimacy while making love

The bedroom is the most comfortable and safe place for you to have sex. Therefore, the atmosphere and condition of the rooms must support intimacy. Reporting from Woman’s Day, you must avoid some of the following room conditions so that the flames of your romance will continue to flare up.

1. The wrong size bed

Whoever the person is, definitely doesn't want to have a narrow bed. Even though it may be clinging to a narrow bed, it can open up opportunities to be more clumsy, but can be very disturbing to sex if you want to move more freely.

On the other hand, a bed that is too big is also not right for a partner to choose. You can indeed move more freely on a wide mattress, but will make your sleeping position and your partner farther away. This can reduce your desire and your partner to start sexual relations.

For that, choose the size of the bed that makes you and your partner more comfortable and intimate.

2. Display family photos

Family photos are often beautifully displayed on the walls of the room or on the table of your room. Even though you deliberately put the photo to show your love for the family, it seems less appropriate to put it in the bedroom. Why?

Putting a family photo in the room can make your sexual activity disturbed. Because this condition gives the impression that family members are watching and watching what you are doing with your partner.

3. Room is messy

5 things in the bedroom that quietly damage your intimacy and your partner

Messy rooms are reasonable if only occasionally. You may not have time to clean up because you are tired, busy not having time, or maybe just because you are lazy. Even so, a pile of dirty clothes, crumpled blankets, or books scattered on the table can make a mumet of thoughts and eventually turn off your passion for love.

The solution, try to always make time to clean the room after waking up. Don't forget to replace your blankets and sheets two or three days to keep them clean and fragrant too.

4. Leave the gadget in the room

A lifestyle consultant and author of Comfort Living explains that too many gadgets placed in a room can damage a couple's intimacy. Not just to sleep, the room is a place for couples to mix love. If in the middle of an activity, your boss suddenly calls or so on, this can be very lethal.

Towards bedtime, turn off all gadgets or set your smartphone in flight mode (airplane mode). Don't put TV, radio or laptop in the room.

5. Unsuitable room lighting

Adjusting your lighting in each room is important, including in your room. Not only supports your sleep, the right lighting can build a romantic atmosphere in the room. Set the temperature of your room to be warm and choose too bright lighting.

Usually couples prefer the atmosphere of a rather dark room when having sex. Don't worry, when in the morning your room can be brighter with the help of light from the open window curtain.

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