5 Possible Side Effects from Facial Effects

5 Possible Side Effects from Facial Effects

5 Possible Side Effects from Facial Effects


Most people believe, especially women, that facials can produce facial skin that is more shiny, soft and looks younger. Facial is also believed to help us to get rid of impurities from our facial skin. However, did you know that facials also have side effects?

What are the facial side effects that often occur?

1. Reddish rash

A reddish rash is the most common side effect that often occurs after the face has a facial. This happens due to exfoliation and extraction of blackheads from your facial skin. These activities can also make facial skin uneven in color.

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2. Acne

Acne often arises from the presence of bacteria. Equipment that is heated and not well sterilized can be a suitable container for bacteria to live. This can also be supported by the opening of pores during facials so as to provide access for bacteria.

You can reduce the side effects of facials, by asking the officer who serves you not to use any equipment during treatment. Or you can also confirm it yourself, before treatment is done, whether the equipment used has been cleaned and sterilized.

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3. Wound

When an officer uses his finger or a tool to remove dirt from the pores of your face, the surface of your skin will certainly be at risk of damage. This condition will get worse if the officer pulls it out too excited, eventually causing an incision and even a wound. Especially if the officer is not experienced or not getting enough training. The use of gloves may help reduce the risk of these facial side effects.

4. Dry skin

The clerk may overlap the surface of your facial skin to display fresher skin. But it can actually reduce natural moisture and skin pH balance. A rough exfoliation process can make your skin dry and itchy.

You are advised to use a non-scented moisturizer, a few days later, to deal with the side effects of these facials. You should also avoid sun exposure, because the UV light will actually worsen dry skin conditions.

5. Irritation

Irritation can be caused by the use of herbs and creams that contain high concentrations of chemicals used during facials. These chemicals can be dangerous, especially if your skin is sensitive. You are advised not to use makeup or any product on your facial skin for 2 to a few days. This can give your facial skin time to recover from these facial side effects.

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How is facial safe?

These impacts can certainly be avoided. You should first consult with your beauty doctor before doing a facial, to determine which facials are suitable for your facial skin type and location with the best services to do it. It is not recommended to do it more than once for 3 to 6 months and medical treatment is strongly recommended if there is an excessive reaction to your facial skin.


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