5 Easy Tips to Breastfeed Babies Born in Caesar

5 Easy Tips to Breastfeed Babies Born in Caesar

5 Easy Tips to Breastfeed Babies Born in Caesar


5 Easy Tips to Breastfeed Babies Born in Caesar

After giving birth, breastfeeding is an important phase for mother and baby. But you might be wondering, will breastfeeding a caesarean baby be the same as breastfeeding a normal-born baby? Because the anesthetic or antibiotics used during surgery may be carried into the flow of milk and affect the health of the child. Take it easy, we have summarized 5 easy and safe tips for breastfeeding babies born with caesarean. Come on, see the following review.

Can breastfeeding be allowed after caesarean delivery?

Recovery of the body after a caesarean delivery usually takes longer. However, this does not mean you should delay breastfeeding the baby in the first week.

Painkillers or antibiotics used during surgery may enter breast milk, but will not harm the baby. These drugs will usually only make your baby sleepy.

If you are still unsure or worried about these side effects, you can consult a doctor first. If you want to breastfeed your baby faster, your doctor can recommend using local anesthesia during a caesarean section.

Various tips for breastfeeding a Caesarean baby

1. Inter-skin contact

The first thing you need to do is make contact between the skin and the baby. Position the baby on your chest, do not get hit by your surgery. Your naked skin gives warmth and comfort to the baby. In addition, contact between the skin will also build a baby's instinct to recognize your body's scent.

Usually contact between your skin and the baby occurs during normal labor. However, for caesarean deliveries only a few hospitals do this provided you are fully conscious. If you want to find out more, ask the hospital if skin contact with a cesarean baby can be done immediately or not.

2. Let your baby adapt

As long as the baby is above your chest and learns to remember your body's scent, it might take a long time. Moreover, babies born by caesarean are usually easily drowsy. This is your opportunity to give your baby space and time to adapt.

3. Prepare pillows and towels

Before breastfeeding, the mother must determine her position. Pillows are needed to support the body and also increase the comfort of the mother when breastfeeding. You can use a thick towel instead of a pillow if it's too big for the baby. The towel can be rolled like a pillow.

4. Breastfeeding position

One of the first instincts that "lights up" when a newborn is directly moving towards your nipples to suckle, even though their eyes have not been opened properly. To make it easier to suckle, here are two positions that are often done to breastfeed a caesarean baby:

  • Lie on your side with a pillow under your head and below your knees. This position is often carried out by mothers undergoing caesarean section because their bodies are still a little tired. In this position, a pillow placed under the knee will reduce the occurrence of abdominal muscle tension. Then. A small towel that has been rolled can be placed next to the baby to maintain its position to keep facing your breast.
  • Football hold, which is holding the baby's head with his hands, then pointing his feet under the armpit. The baby's head is directed at one of your breasts.

It takes time for your baby to suckle, he might lick your nipples first. To stimulate the baby, try to give a drop of your milk.

Reporting from Breastfeeding Basic, if your baby has a health problem that requires supervision after birth, you can use an electric breast pump to stimulate milk supply, prevent swelling, and provide as much milk as possible. When you and your baby are together, you can continue breastfeeding directly to your baby.

5. Other help

Your body that has not fully recovered will need the help of your nurse or husband. If you want to feel more comfortable when breastfeeding, you should ask for your own room. Usually there will be many people around you who can help. Ask for help when you want to change the position of the baby so the baby does not hit the surgical wound or infusion. Make sure someone is watching you while breastfeeding. Because lying on your side, your body can overwrite your baby because of fatigue or drowsiness.

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