5 Conditions That Make Mothers Not Recommended to Have Sex During Young Pregnancy

5 Conditions That Make Mothers Not Recommended to Have Sex During Young Pregnancy

5 Conditions That Make Mothers Not Recommended to Have Sex During Young Pregnancy


Having sex during pregnancy is generally allowed. Moreover, some women also experience increased sex drive during their first trimester. As long as your pregnancy is healthy and normal, you can have sex as often as you like. But it's another story if you have one or more of the conditions below. Certain conditions and certain health problems make the mother have to abstain from sex during pregnancy.

Who are the women who should not have sex during pregnancy?

1. Ever had a miscarriage or abortion

If you are pregnant, but you have had a miscarriage or abortion for some reason, you are encouraged to not have sex during pregnancy and so on until the birth of your child later.

This aims to avoid miscarriages and other risks that can endanger your pregnancy.

2. Your partner has venereal disease

Prospective mothers may not have sex of any type, including oral sex, if their husband is diagnosed with a positive sexually transmitted disease. This aims to avoid transmission of venereal disease to you which can also affect the baby in the womb. In some cases, the baby can contract venereal disease from his mother (whose father is infected) during labor.

3. Have premature delivery

If you have had premature labor for a previous pregnancy, doctors often advise you not to have sex during pregnancy, young and old pregnant.

The effects of sexual stimulation and orgasm are feared to trigger premature labor to recur.

4. Have had vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

You are also forbidden from having sex during pregnancy (even during pregnancy) if you have had vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, whether it's a previous or current pregnancy.

The discharge of blood spots during young pregnancy can indicate embryo implantation, but it can also indicate a more serious condition such as the vagina, suborionic bleeding, pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy), or wine pregnancy. Then you should immediately consult a doctor to find out the exact cause.

5. Having urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections are most vulnerable to attacking women, including pregnant women. If you are infected with this disease in the first trimester, do not have sex until you are treated and completely cured.

Inflammation caused by infection can cause irritation which may cause a little discomfort during sex or even the release of blood spots after sex.

Also, because of the location of the anus and vagina that are close together, it is feared that having sex will make the bacteria from the anus move and carry into the vagina even though you and your partner do not have anal sex. This can make your infection worse.

Consult further with the obstetrician if you have one or more of the above conditions. Getting the right treatment and care can help ensure the safety of your pregnancy.

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