5 Best Ways to Eliminate Face Hair

5 Best Ways to Eliminate Face Hair

5 Best Ways to Eliminate Face Hair


Most people have fine hairs that often grow in areas that are less eye-catching, such as on the chin, cheek edge, or even above the lips like a mustache. There are at least five ways you can get rid of fine hair on the face without having to bother going to the salon.

1. Waxing

Waxing is an effective choice to get rid of fine hairs on the face. Waxing products are available on the market in various forms and price variations. And, you can get a smooth face and body look without having to spend enough. The results of waxing can last up to 4-8 weeks. Just make sure to always take care of your skin regularly, even after waxing. Do not use facial or body care products that contain crude chemical compounds or exfoliant products for a while after waxing. Don't forget to always apply sunscreen, because waxing will lift the skin's first protective layer.

It doesn't matter whether you do waxing with the help of an expert in a beauty salon or at home, what is important is to make sure you choose a wax product specially formulated for sensitive skin. For more sensitive areas, it is important to always use products with natural ingredients that are applied directly on the skin surface according to body temperature. Do this, and the pain you feel will be greatly reduced.

2. Threading

The threading procedure is similar to waxing. In principle, these two procedures will pull out fine hairs for effects that are more durable than just shaving. A trained beauty worker can clean all fine hairs, including stubborn hair. Although similar, threading will not be as painful as waxing because threading will not lift the top layer of skin. If you give up waxing, you might consider threading for the next session. Threading results will last up to 4-8 weeks.

3. Unplug the hair

At beauty salons and spas, hair removal services are usually only used when touch-ups. If there are still fine hairs remaining waxing that are not lifted, the salon assistant will pull out the fine feathers manually rather than repeating the stages of waxing. Unplug hair can be done alone at home. The results of removing the hair will last a long time like waxing, because the process of pulling the hair will lift the hair to its roots.

4. Laser therapy

Laser therapy for removing fine hair on the face is currently popular. The area of ​​the face that is subscribed to the laser target is the area between the upper lip and nose (mustache), jambang, and chin, due to the ups and downs of the body's hormones. The benefits? Every time you do a laser therapy session for 30 minutes, not only will the hair grow more smooth and thin, but it will slow down the growth rate as well. You will be required to return every 4-10 weeks to make a touch-up, depending on the location of fine hairs and how many times have you done therapy.

Laser therapy is not recommended for dealing with children who grow hair around the hairline. In most people, laser therapy on the forehead is not possible because their hair is too thin to react to the laser. Another risk is blindness. When doing laser therapy, you will be asked to wear special anti-radiation glasses.

5. Shave

Shaving your face is a very common thing to do. But remember, a razor blade will not pull the hair to its roots. When you shave, you will only flatten the surface of the skin. Shaving will also exfoliate the skin, which can be irritating if you shave too often.

Shaving will only be effective for instant appearance when you are in a hurry, but it is not an ideal step to get rid of fine hair.


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