5 Benefits of Valerian Root, from Dispelling Stress to Reducing Menstrual Pain

5 Benefits of Valerian Root, from Dispelling Stress to Reducing Menstrual Pain

5 Benefits of Valerian Root, from Dispelling Stress to Reducing Menstrual Pain


Valerian root is one of the herbal plants originating from Europe and parts of Asia. This root is often used for various health drugs, for example to overcome anxiety and as a sedative. What are the benefits of other valerian roots that are good for health? Let's look at the reviews below.

Benefits of valerian root for health

1. Make sleep soundly

Studies show that the benefits of valerian root can make you sleepy quickly and make you sleep better. Unlike sleeping pills, valerian root has fewer side effects. One of them if you consume valerian root in the morning, you will not feel excessive sleepiness.

In one study conducted by the Health Center Foellinge in Sweden, the benefits of valerian root proved to be well used in people who have difficulty sleeping. This was evidenced from 44 percent of participants feeling very good sleep and 89 percent of participants stated that they became easy to sleep at night after consuming valerian root. In addition, the participants also admitted that there were no side effects that arose after consuming this herb.

2. Relieves excessive anxiety

Scientists have found that valerian root can increase the amount of a chemical called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA is a substance that helps regulate nerve cells and decreases anxiety levels. However, if you are taking sedatives or other antidepressants, it is not recommended to use herbal drugs or supplements from valerian roots.

3. Lower blood pressure

In addition, the benefits of valerian root can not only calm the mind and body. Valerian root is also widely used to lower blood pressure and improve heart health. The active ingredient in valerian root to deal with stress and anxiety can also help the body regulate blood pressure to be stable and normal.

4. Relieves pain during menstruation

The benefit of valerian root is that it can be a pain reliever when a woman is having PMS or during menstruation. Valerian root contains sedative and antispasmodic substances that can resist muscle spasms and act as a natural muscle relaxant.

Valerian root is effective for calming uterine muscle contractions during menstruation, and this has been tested and examined by the Islamic Azad University in Iran.

5. Relieve stress

Because valerian root can reduce anxiety, make it fall asleep quickly for people who have trouble sleeping, and can make sleep better, this can also affect people who are experiencing stress. Because, chronic stress and anxiety are closely related to each other. Quite often these two things cannot be separated. Then, if one can be overcome, then another impact between stress and anxiety can also be reduced.

Valerian root can make the body relax and calm. A relaxed body can expel and prevent stress from coming. Herbal tea or supplements containing valerian root can be your choice when you are hit by severe stress.

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