4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried


4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

Depression does not prevent a person from being able to continue fasting. But of course you have to do various ways to overcome depression when fasting, so that the worship that you live smoothly. Because the symptoms of depression that are left and not managed properly can hamper your daily activities while fasting.

Impact of depression that may occur during fasting

Depression is a mental disorder that adversely affects mood, feelings, stamina, appetite, sleep patterns, and the concentration level of the sufferer. So controlling the symptoms of depression while fasting is very important to keep your worship going well.

Various depressive symptoms can interfere with daily activities if they are not controlled and left alone. Because, depression is not a natural thing like stress but more than that. Usually, people who experience depression experience difficulty in carrying out daily activities. Even when fasting you can use the time to do various good activities.

Here are some common symptoms of depression that are usually felt like:

  • Feel un energized
  • Feeling worthless, and feeling guilty.
  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Feeling restless and more fussy than usual.
  • Don't have enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Experience changes in sleep patterns.
  • Changes in appetite, can eat too much or not taste at all.

Various ways to deal with depression when fasting

1. Maintain sleep patterns

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

People who have depression usually have messy sleep. Sleeping late even when chickens crow is not unusual for people who are depressed.

Feelings of sadness, anxiety until fear continues to haunt and keep you awake all night. In addition, depressed people can also sleep for a very long time either in the day or night as part of the way to eliminate all feelings in their hearts.

However, this condition certainly cannot be left alone during the fasting month. Because, when fasting you need to sleep faster to be able to get up early. Regular hours of sleep are an obligation during the fasting month.

For that, even though it's difficult you can try it by going to bed faster than usual hours. Before going to bed you can do various rituals to help you sleep better like meditating and taking a warm bath.

If you still have difficulties, you can ask your doctor to prescribe sleeping pills if you really need them. Not only that, you can ask your family at home to help wake you up at dawn if you have trouble getting up.

2. Regular sports

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

Regular exercise in the fasting month can be a very effective way to overcome depression during fasting. Quoted from Prevention, physical activity can improve mood by releasing various happy hormones.

Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and tryptophan hormones are released by the body in large amounts when you exercise that can make you feel happier and reduce pain.

In addition, this hormone also functions to divert your attention from the bad and negative thoughts that surround it. In fact, health experts at Harvard say that physical activity has an effect that is just as effective as taking antidepressant drugs.

Although it's difficult, you need to encourage yourself to start by doing the type of exercise you like. Inviting friends and family can be an interesting way to start physical activity. Taking a walk in the park and relaxing biking while waiting for the break time can be a fun way that is also of great benefit for your mental health.

3. Take medication regularly

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

Taking medication regularly can help control symptoms of depression. Usually the doctor will prescribe several drugs that help regulate your mood.

Consult your doctor about the dosage of medication that should be taken during the fasting month and when the best time to consume it. Follow the prescribed drinking rules to prevent recurrence and severity of symptoms.

Never stop taking depression medication without your doctor's permission. Because, if it stops suddenly you can experience various side effects and make depression worse.

4. Adjust eating patterns

4 Ways to Overcome Depression During Fasting That Should Be Tried

One way to deal with depression during another fast is to adjust your diet. Because some foods can trigger depression and others can actually reduce symptoms.

Therefore, you should consume a variety of recommended foods and avoid food triggers during dawn and breaking fast. The following are various foods that are recommended and should be avoided, including:

Recommended food

  • Dark leafy green vegetables
  • Walnuts
  • Avocado
  • Give-up
  • Mushrooms
  • Shallot
  • Tomatoes
  • Apple

Foods avoided

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods

After trying various methods above and you still find it difficult to control the symptoms of depression, it's good to come to an expert therapist. An expert therapist will help you control the symptoms of depression while fasting with a series of methods that are right for you.

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