4 The Right Way to Teach Children to Be Accustomed to Healthy Eating

4 The Right Way to Teach Children to Be Accustomed to Healthy Eating

4 The Right Way to Teach Children to Be Accustomed to Healthy Eating


4 The Right Way to Teach Children to Be Accustomed to Healthy Eating

Having a healthy and balanced diet is important for maintaining a healthy body. Poor eating habits have long been associated with the risk of various diseases, such as obesity, and various eating disorders in adolescence. However, so that children want to eat healthy until they grow up later, you must teach and familiarize them as early as possible. Come on, consider the following tips to teach children to get used to eating healthy.

Tips to teach children to eat healthily

It is important to teach and get used to so that children want to eat healthy. That way, they will fully understand which foods are nutritious and beneficial to the body, while giving freedom to children to be able to determine their own food.

Like this how to teach children to continue to get used to eating healthy until they grow up later.

Does not give food "good" or "bad" labels

Parents often label sugary, fried and salty foods, such as potato chips, chocolate or donuts as bad food, while vegetables and fruit are labeled as good food.

Although this is true, this method is not appropriate for parents. It's better to tell the child about the benefits of eating vegetables and fruit so he wants to eat them every day. In the meantime, do not immediately scold the child and tell him that the candy or fried food is "bad /bad", do not immediately forbid it outright. Instead, tell your child what the effect is if you eat too much sugary food, which is salty, or fried so that it can only be eaten sometimes.

Make variations on the food menu

Even though you have told us about the benefits of vegetables and fruit, some children may still find it hard to like it, especially vegetables.

Try making a menu of variations of vegetables and fruits that make the child interested and not bored to eat it. Maybe you can invite children to go shopping to the market or supermarket to provide opportunities for children to pick and choose their own fruits and vegetables.

Involving children in making food, also helps children to develop their abilities, for example how to wash vegetables and fruits that are good and right.

You can also teach children how to treat vegetable or fruit plants, such as chili, tomatoes, mangoes, guava, and so on. This can arouse children's enthusiasm for gardening and enthusiasm for children to try the vegetables or fruit they plant.

Teach children to maintain their weight

Directing children to healthy food while monitoring their weight is not easy. Moreover, children are very fond of sweet foods, such as candy, chocolate, ice cream, and others. If your child has excess weight, do not call him as, fat, stocky, or fat. This will make it more difficult for children to listen to your advice.

Compared to calling it by that name, so that the child realizes that he must reduce his food intake. You should start reducing the portion of the food, but don't be too obvious. Replace food snacks that trigger body weight to rise with vegetables or fruit. For example, make ice cream from fruit that is blended or yogurt. Don't forget to invite children to exercise together. When you get used to it, your child will continue to exercise later.

If your child is almost a teenager, maybe you can talk about this with the child about their excess weight. However, for reasons that are easy for them to understand, not telling them that being overweight can increase diabetes, heart disease or the like. You can tell them that a body that is not fat can run fast or not get tired easily when playing.

Don't force them to eat food

When children are allowed to eat alone, they tend to take large portions to satisfy their curiosity. This also causes children not to spend their food because they are already overflowing.

To avoid this, you must pay attention to the child's food portion. If it's already full, then just leave it. Forcing children to consume food can cause excess food portions, this is not good for the digestive system.

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