4 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle that Must Be Obeyed by People with Hepatitis

4 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle that Must Be Obeyed by People with Hepatitis

4 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle that Must Be Obeyed by People with Hepatitis


In addition to the treatments offered by doctors, lifestyle plays an important role in managing hepatitis that you desire. Here's how to lead a healthy lifestyle for hepatitis.

Guide to a healthy lifestyle for hepatitis

1. Avoid alcohol

Even though alcohol is not the cause of your hepatitis, you should stop drinking. This is because your liver damage can worsen if you continue to consume alcohol.

2. Change your meal menu

The most important change in your diet is reducing salt intake (sodium). You must choose foods that are low in sodium and reduce the amount of salt in your recipe. Excessive salt can make the body retain fluid, which worsens swelling in your stomach and legs.

You must add large amounts of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Both types of food provide the most vitamins and minerals to increase body defense.

Hepatitis causes malnutrition and loss of muscle mass, so you also need more protein. You can choose lean proteins like peas, poultry or fish. However, remember to avoid seafood.

3. Stop smoking and start a sports routine

Changing harmful habits to improve overall health can help you prevent and treat symptoms of hepatitis. For example, quitting smoking and exercising every day are combined with taking a multivitamin (which is prescribed by a doctor). Do not take iron supplements without advice from your doctor.

Also, maintaining good oral and dental hygiene can reduce dental problems that can result in infection.

You must be sure that you have vaccinated, including influenza vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine and hepatitis B and pneumococcal. Don't forget to ask the doctor how often you have to be vaccinated.

4. Don't have unprotected sex

Always use condoms in every sexual activity (including oral and anal sex) to reduce the risk of transmission of hepatitis to others. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be transmitted through sexual activity, so having unprotected sex can increase the risk of this type of hepatitis. Ask your doctor about hepatitis vaccination and the best way to protect yourself and your partner.

A healthy lifestyle can have a tremendous effect on your disease. Why don't you start now?

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