4 Female Masturbation Techniques Realize Different Climax Sensations

4 Female Masturbation Techniques Realize Different Climax Sensations

4 Female Masturbation Techniques Realize Different Climax Sensations


Who says masturbation can only be felt and enjoyed by men? Women can also enjoy and feel the fun of masturbating. However, to make masturbation in women more stable. Want to know how to masturbate techniques in women? Check the tips below.

Masturbation techniques in women

Masturbation in women does not always have to end in orgasm. However, it never hurts to master various masturbation techniques that can provide a different sensation of orgasm. You can feel from the clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms.

1. Clitoral masturbation

  • First, look for it and find the area that protrudes and rounds at the top of the vagina. The clitoris is between the two lips of the vagina and your vulva.
  • If it's found, start rubbing gently and gently caressing.
  • You can also form the letter "V" with your index finger and middle finger, then swipe gently up and down following the shape of the vaginal lips. Find the rhythm until you can be aroused.
  • If you are aroused, you will feel your vagina getting wet. When doing this masturbation technique in women, you can also use lubricants if they are not slippery.
  • You can also use a tool like a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris. Simply point your sex toys up, down and to the clitoris until you feel satisfied.

2. Vaginal masturbation

  • First gently wipe the vagina, then slowly insert a finger or sex toy into your vagina. Make sure your vagina is wet enough or use a lubricant to prevent pain when receiving finger friction.
  • Start a finger or toy movement in a circular motion, in and out, stroking, or a combination of movements in the vagina.
  • You can make movements faster and press deeper vibrations to reach orgasm.
  • You may experience a great orgasm, but if you don't orgasm don't worry, because not all women can orgasm.

3. Anal masturbation

  • First, gently wipe the outside of the anus. Then slowly insert a finger or sex toy into your anus.
  • Circular finger movements or toys or in and out of your anus.
  • Increase speed to get pleasure and pleasure when masturbating to women through this anus.
  • Please experiment with toys such as vibrators or with special anal masturbation beads to increase the sensation of your orgasm many times.

4. Mixed orgasm

  • To get a combined orgasm from the vagina, G-spot and clitoris, you can use both hands or sex toys to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation during masturbation.
  • Tips, use the opposite rhythm when playing with the clitoris and vagina at the same time.
  • You can masturbate to women to get this mixed orgasm in several sessions. Take a break when your fingers get tired.
  • Then you can continue with various touches by gently rubbing, pulling, and pinching the clitoris and vagina using fingers or sex toys.

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