4 Causes of Tearing of the Hymen without Sex

4 Causes of Tearing of the Hymen without Sex

4 Causes of Tearing of the Hymen without Sex


The female hymen is the most talked about topic. The integrity of a woman's hymen is sometimes still a measure of one's virginity and morality. Even though there is nothing that can be inferred from the condition of the hymen. Moreover, the conditions are different for each person.

Actually there is nothing wrong with this assumption. But we need to know, not all women who are still virgin hymen are still intact aka not torn because they have not had intercourse. There are several other causes that make the hymen torn even though he hasn't had intercourse.

Is there a relationship between hymen and virginity?

The hymen is a very thin layer of skin, stretching across the woman's vagina. This layer can cover the entire or part of the vaginal mouth. The hymen is part of the vulva or outer genital organ that has a structure similar to the vagina. The shape of this membrane can change due to sexual penetration and labor.

Not a few people associate a hymen with someone's virginity. Usually, people will assume if a woman with a hymen that is still intact or not torn is a woman who is still a virgin and has not had intercourse. While women whose hymen has been torn are women who have had intercourse.

Even though the hymen's tear can be caused by various things besides the penetration of the penis into the vagina. In addition, in fact there are some women who are born without a hymen. So from that virginity has nothing to do with the condition of the hymen. Furthermore, virginity is not always related to penile penetration.

The cause of the hymen is torn without sex

Many women do not know whether their hymen has been torn during activity because sometimes this condition does not cause pain or bleeding. Here are 4 causes of hymen tearing without sex.

1. Accident or injury

Some studies say that if the rupture of the membrane can occur due to an accident or injury and make the female area injured. Accidents can occur when a woman is young or when she is a teenager.

2. Cycling or riding

Women who like to do cycling, riding, gymnastics or swimming and move their legs a lot, they will be vulnerable to having a broken or torn hymen. Some studies have found that activities such as riding and cycling are activities that facilitate tearing of the hymen.

3. Use of certain medical devices when checking intimate organs

Inserting certain medical devices into intimate organs before marriage or having sex because the examination of sex organs is also said to be the main cause of hymen tearing. Although the medical device is very small, when it is inserted into the intimate organs and about the hymen, this will trigger the tear of the hymen. In addition to medical devices, some objects that are intentionally inserted into sex organs will also make the hymen tear.

4. Heavy stretching exercises

When a woman does a heavy stretching training, this will also be the cause of the hymen's tear. Basically, every hymen is not the same. Some are very thin and easily torn, some are quite thick and very difficult to tear.

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