3 Things that Make You Difficult to Get Pregnant Second Child

3 Things that Make You Difficult to Get Pregnant Second Child

3 Things that Make You Difficult to Get Pregnant Second Child


For some couples, getting a second child is not as easy as first having a child. Some of them took years to get a second child, not even a few who ended up only having one child, because it was difficult to get pregnant again. The possibility of this condition is caused by secondary infertility or fertility problems to get a second child. Why does this happen?

Why are there couples who have difficulty adding children?

According to Anthony Luciano, obstetrician from the Center for Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, New Britain General Hospital, Connecticut, USA, 60% of mothers have had children, whether there are only one or more. risk of experiencing secondary infertility. In fact, in couples who are healthy and have no problems with the reproductive organs, this risk of secondary infertility may occur.

It is difficult to conceive a second or third child and can later occur in couples of reproductive age (20-34 years) or those who have passed reproductive age (over 35 years). The cause of secondary infertility is actually almost the same as primary infertility or infertility that occurs in couples who have difficulty having their first child.

In the span of time since you gave birth to your first child to plan to get pregnant again, many things and changes can occur in your reproductive organs and your partner. This change is not impossible to cause the pregnancy process to be disturbed or difficult to occur.

That is why, from the start, you should both make a plan for the number of children and the distance of birth between the first and second children. The distance, try between 18-48 months so that the choice of how you do KB is easier to do.

The cause of having trouble getting pregnant is because of secondary infertility

1. Age and fertility factors

Fertility rates are closely related to the age of a married couple. However, that does not mean pregnancy cannot occur when the mother's age or father enters 40 years. In fact, a woman's fertility will drop dramatically when she reaches the age of 35 and above. This condition is due to the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone decreases with increasing age of a woman.

If the first child is obtained when the mother's age is close to 35 years and wants to get a second child with a distance of 3 or 4 years, it is highly recommended that the mother improve the fertility rate so that the pregnancy remains healthy even though the mother enters 38 or 39 years.

We recommend that you consult this issue with a fertility doctor in a hospital or special fertility clinic that already exists in various regions. Make efforts to improve the quality of your health and your husband as a whole, thus the quality of fertility will also increase.

If various efforts and handling with medicines have been carried out but have not succeeded. You can try fertilization by inserting sperm cells into the uterus through artificial insemination or by fertilization outside the uterus, the IVF method.

2. Sperm quality

Male fertility also needs attention. If the motion of sperm is slow and the amount is small, fertilization can be inhibited. Fatigue and unhealthy lifestyles are one of the triggers for poor sperm quality. You should not hesitate to check the quality of sperm because the handling is very easy. Even easier than handling fertility disorders in the mother.

3. Related opportunities

The lack of time to have sex can also be a trigger for the difficulty of getting a second child. This may be due to the husband's work schedule which often goes out of town so the opportunity to have sex with his wife while in the fertile period is also limited. As a result, the fertilization process is more difficult to occur.

Ideally, consulting the problem of secondary infertility or the problem of having trouble getting pregnant again for the second pregnancy is carried out jointly by the couple so that the fertility challenge can be handled thoroughly. The second pregnancy was immediately realized.

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