3 Sexual Activities That Can Make You contracted Syphilis

3 Sexual Activities That Can Make You contracted Syphilis

3 Sexual Activities That Can Make You contracted Syphilis


Syphilis or lion king, is one of the sexually transmitted diseases which is a frightening specter for many people, both men and women. Syphilis is a venereal disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum which can infect the skin, mouth, genitals, and nervous system of the human body. The cause of contracting syphilis is usually through sexual activity.

Syphilis is highly contagious, and is usually due to contact with open lesions on the surface of the skin or mucosa in the sufferer. Unfortunately, these open lesions are often not felt and invisible because there is no pain and can disappear by itself in a short time.

In addition, the initial symptoms of early syphilis infection can be other symptoms that are often disguised like ordinary flu symptoms, so that often patients infected with bacteria from syphilis do not realize that they have been infected.

Sexual activity that causes a person to get syphilis

1. Vaginal penetration

Penile and vaginal penetration sex is one of the common causes of syphilis infection. When having sexual intercourse, the pallidum bacteria found in the genitals (can be in the penis or vagina), will spread directly to the touch of the genital friction inside the vagina. Moreover, if the liquid orgasm of one of the sufferers is affected by lymph nodes, and eventually it will end up spreading throughout the body.

2. Oral sex

Oral sex is sexual activity by giving stimulation to the male penis, female genitals (including the clitoris, vulva, and vagina), or anus from other people using lips, mouth, and tongue. Today, more and more people are interested in learning and practicing this form of sexual intercourse. Many people think that oral sex is safe from sexually transmitted diseases, especially this syphilis. Though oral sex is one of the highest ways a person can contract syphilis.

3. Anal sex

This one-sided cause of sexual activity can be caused by you who want to get a different sensation, besides vaginal and oral sex. Usually, sex that penetrates the anus can spread bacteria and other sexually transmitted diseases quickly. Moreover, the human anus is very poor in cleanliness, so it's not surprising if the virus and bacteria that cause syphilis can be caused by anal sex that starts frequently.

Stages of someone contracting syphilis

  • In the early stages, there is a wound or ulcer in the genitals that has a special characteristic that is not painful, around the wound is felt hard, the base of the wound is bright red, and there are only one or two injuries.
  • In the second stage, there will be marks on the skin that appear approximately 4-10 weeks, can be reddish spots on the palms of the feet or on the face (forehead), if healed leave marks in the form of whitish spots on the skin (syphilitic lekoderma).
  • Warts can also appear in the genitals, then at the base of the mouth or tongue arises whitish spots that thicken are not painful. In addition, there is baldness in the head or hair due to the partial loss of hair which causes a typical baldness, ie the edges are jagged like insect bites. At this stage, syphilis can attack muscle tissue, bones and even the heart and nerves.

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