3 Safe and Effective Ways to Close Your Vagina

3 Safe and Effective Ways to Close Your Vagina

3 Safe and Effective Ways to Close Your Vagina


One of the problems that are often experienced by women but shame is expressed is a vagina that is not as close as before. Actually, this problem is quite common and in most cases is natural. However, a loosened vagina may make you not confident and not get maximum pleasure in bed. In addition, a vaginal tightness may cause conditions such as urinary incontinence. Well, you don't need to worry. With proper care and technique, the vagina can be rejuvenated again. There are various ways to close your vagina that you can try. The following is a complete review of each method.

1. Gymnastics to tighten the vagina

The vagina can relax due to various things. It could be because the lower pelvic muscles in your vaginal area are weakened or because the vaginal skin layer is loosened. If during sex you do not feel the sensation of a vaginal bite that is strong enough, it could be the cause is your pelvic muscles are weakened. This may occur due to normal labor or the aging process.

To tighten the muscles around the vagina, you can do gymnastics at home. One of them is Kegel gymnastics. See the guide to doing Kegel exercises in this link. Apart from Kegel exercises, you can do simple exercises such as hip exercises, squats, and lift your legs. Routine doing these exercises can be a powerful vaginal tightening method.

2. Laser therapy

If your vaginal discharge is a natural aging process, you can consider laser therapy. With laser therapy, your vaginal skin layer will be "shot" with a special laser beam. Lasers will trigger collagen production in the skin. That way, the layers of skin and vaginal tissue will return to tight and supple as before.

Therapy to rejuvenate these female organs does not require any surgery or surgery. The process is very fast, which is only about 15 minutes. The laser shooter will be inserted into the vagina for four to six centimeters. The laser is then turned on or shot inside the vagina. This laser flame will penetrate into the vaginal wall approximately half a millimeter. This depth is enough to reach the skin layer which is responsible for producing collagen. The warmth of this laser beam will support the production of collagen and elastin, which are two types of protein substances that function to maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin layer.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

One way to close your vagina that is quite easy is to maintain a healthy diet. As mentioned earlier, the vagina can become sagging due to the aging process. This aging process is caused by reduced collagen and elastin. Meanwhile, levels of collagen and elastin in the body will decrease due to free radicals that damage cells in the vaginal skin layer. To ward off and prevent free radicals, you must increase your intake of foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants are strong fruits and vegetables, whether very dark or very bright. Other food sources rich in antioxidants include nuts, mushrooms, fish, and yogurt.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, foods that contain hard chemicals or preservatives, and stop smoking. These are sources of free radicals that can interfere with levels of collagen and elastin in your female area.

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