3 Main Causes of Pain in the Wrist

3 Main Causes of Pain in the Wrist

3 Main Causes of Pain in the Wrist


Wrist pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal (bone and muscle) problems. Usually, your body movements are not affected by the wrist, but excessive use or sudden accidents can cause pain in this part of the body. This pain can affect daily activities and limit the range of movement. Therefore, it is important to know what the pain of the wrist is to find ways to overcome it.

How can wrist pain occur?

The wrist is made up of eight small bones. These bones give support to a channel called a carpal tunnel that extends from the wrist to the bottom of the palm. The nerves and tendons contained in it make this channel important. The ligament is used to keep it in place.

Normal activity does not cause wrist pain, but repetitive activities such as cutting or typing can damage the wrist. Wrist pain can also come from sudden injuries during exercise or work. Other syndromes such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be the cause of this problem.

Wrist pain starts with swelling and bruising on the wrist. This can be a sign of injury. Forms of joints that are abnormal or have difficulty moving the wrist can be a sign of fracture.

What causes wrist pain?

Wrist pain can be experienced by anyone at any age. However, if you experience wrist pain, this means you may be at risk for this problem:

1. Sports injury

Wrist pain can occur due to injury. This injury can be a result of certain sports such as basketball, volleyball, bowling, golf, or tennis. This exercise also requires you to use your hands and wrists very often, and this can cause excessive use.

2. Repeated movements

In some types of work, you have to repeat doing things many times. If this requires you to use your wrist and hand, wrist pain can occur over time. This work includes a hairdresser and chef. If you do this work, you should consider changing jobs or paying more attention to your wrist.

3. Certain diseases or conditions

When you are pregnant, fluid retention in the body puts pressure on the carpal tunnel. A carpal tunnel is a channel that runs from the wrist to the bottom of the palm. However, this condition is temporary and can disappear within a few months after you give birth.

Diabetes can affect the wrist. Your wrist can become stiff and you find it difficult to move or use it.

Obesity is also a risk factor for wrist pain. When you are overweight, the body has excess fat. This excess fat can destroy joints and cause wrist pain.

Wrist pain is a problem that causes pain or discomfort in the wrist. Having wrist pain means that you have had an injury or other problem with your wrist. This also means you may be at higher risk for wrist pain compared to others.

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