3 Diabetes Causes You Can Still Avoid

3 Diabetes Causes You Can Still Avoid

3 Diabetes Causes You Can Still Avoid


3 Diabetes Causes You Can Still Avoid

Who says the risk of diabetes can increase only because of genetic or ethnic factors? It is true that the risk for children with a father or mother of type 2 diabetes increases by one third higher for diabetes. But that does not mean you who do not have diabetes descendants just relax and think nil about this disease.

There are some things that can open the 'entrance' of this disease even the cause of diabetes is still very you can avoid. What do you want to know? Continue reading this article.

The cause of diabetes that you can easily avoid

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health reported by Kompas, there was an increase in diabetes patients in Indonesia in 2007 by 5.7% to 6.7% in 2013, meaning that there were 9.1 million people with diabetes in Indonesia.

The first step that is fairly easy to avoid this disease is to know the cause. Never think that diabetes belongs only to those who have diabetes. You also have the same risk of diabetes, even though you can still avoid it.

What are the causes of diabetes that are still very possible to avoid?

1. According to the Mayo Clinic: Sugar is the number 1 cause of diabetes

Health experts advise you to be aware of sugar intake because this sweet is the main cause of diabetes and obesity. According to research reports in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, calories in sugar are far more dangerous, the researchers conducted a literature review to determine whether certain ingredients were far more dangerous than others in terms of causing diabetes. The study was also intended to see whether all calories were the same.

They found that adding sugar to food and drinks will have a more harmful effect. Fructose is associated with deteriorating insulin levels in the body and causes glucose tolerance, which is a determinant of pre-diabetes conditions.

The habit of consuming sugar will cause accumulation of harmful fats in the stomach. Visceral fat deposits in the abdomen are a marker of poor health conditions, such as inflammation and high blood pressure. According to James J. DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, this study clearly shows that sugar is a major cause of diabetes problems.

However, that doesn't mean you are anti sugar, all you have to do is replace your daily sugar. Use low-calorie and sugar-free sweeteners to prevent diabetes and control calorie intake. That way, you don't need to worry.

2. Moving lazy increases your risk of developing diabetes

Have you ever heard of sedentary lifestyles? Sedentary is a medical term used to refer to a sedentary lifestyle. Daily activities that can be categorized as sedentary include sitting, lying down, reading, watching TV, playing cellphones, driving vehicles and all other activities that basically don't waste much energy.

Even though you feel comfortable doing activities while sitting, there are actually hidden threats to health. If you mostly sit, the use of large muscles in the body will decrease. As a result, the body's need for sugar and fat decreases. The body thinks you don't need energy.

Even though you don't use a lot of muscle, usually calorie intake will not decrease. This can result in fat buildup, increased blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Over time there will be a disorder of blood sugar tolerance, which triggers diabetes. While high cholesterol levels are at risk of triggering heart disease and stroke. So it's not surprising that this lifestyle can be a cause of diabetes.

To reduce the risk of illness due to sedentary lifestyle, you are advised to reduce the frequency of sitting time. For example, choosing to walk to a place that is not too far away, watching television while doing physical activity, or getting up to stretch or exercise after sitting for an hour or two.

3. Chemicals can also be a cause of diabetes

According to Kristina Thayer, the head of the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which conducts research in Triangle Park, North Carolina, reveals that there is a connection between several chemicals found in the environment and frequently used products with an increased risk of diabetes.

In a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, found that women who had the highest levels of pthalate in their urine had a risk of up to 70 percent for diabetes compared to women who had lower phthalate levels.

These pthalate chemicals are usually found in soaps, nail polish, hair sprays, perfumes and moisturizers. These chemicals can be a cause of diabetes that you can still avoid by paying attention and avoiding the chemical content in certain beauty products.

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