3 Dangers of Hot Water Baths That Are Not Known Much

3 Dangers of Hot Water Baths That Are Not Known Much

3 Dangers of Hot Water Baths That Are Not Known Much


3 Dangers of Hot Water Baths That Are Not Known Much

Hot baths are more comfortable, especially when it's cold. In fact, there are people who don't want to take a shower if there is no hot water. However, did you know that there was a danger of a hot shower? Check out the full information below.

Benefits of hot baths

As you know, there are many benefits of hot showers. In addition to making you fresher and preventing cold from shivering, here are some benefits of hot baths.

  • Blood circulation because heat can cause blood vessel dilation
  • Relaxes tense, stiff and painful muscles especially for those with muscle aches and joint pains
  • Reduces stress and anxiety because hot water stimulates the brain to produce the hormone oxytocin so that it feels more happy and positive
  • Preventing insomnia and sleep disorders because taking a hot shower before going to bed will make sleep quieter and better quality

Danger of hot shower

Bathing in hot water for too long and using too hot water will produce a variety of negative effects on the body. Physiological changes in the body can even produce serious consequences. The following are some of the dangers of a hot shower.

1. Dry and cracked skin

Even if it makes you comfortable and soothing, the skin can become dry if you take a bath in hot water for too long. This will only be seen some time after you finish taking a shower. Why so? Hot water can interfere with the function of oil glands in the skin. As you know, oil glands in the skin function to moisturize the skin. The function of the disrupted oil gland is what causes the skin to become dry and look cracked.

2. Skin burns and irritation

Basically you will know at what temperature hot water can be tolerated. When exposed to hot water, receptors on the skin will immediately send a signal to the brain to immediately make a reflex movement to avoid the hot water. This causes almost impossible skin burn when you are taking a hot shower. However, this can occur in some groups.

First, the skin burns in the baby. Baby's skin is very different from the skin of an adult so it will be very susceptible to many things, be it touches that are too hard, chemicals or temperatures that are too extreme. Apart from being vulnerable and sensitive, babies cannot respond if the temperature they receive is too hot. This certainly makes parents not know that the baby is feeling uncomfortable with such hot water.

Secondly, sunburn in people with diabetes. People with diabetes who experience nerve damage or commonly called diabetic neuropathy can have the ability and sensitivity to feel decreased heat compared to normal people. If a normal person will be aware and overheat at a certain temperature, people with diabetes may not feel it. But after finishing bathing, the skin has turned red like burning.

3. Blood pressure drops suddenly

As you have seen before, blood vessels can widen due to hot temperatures. This causes increasingly heavy blood flow. However, the temperature is too high and the duration is too long, the blood vessels throughout the body will experience increasingly severe dilation.

This will cause a decrease in blood pressure. To overcome this, the heart will pump faster and harder. For those of you who are experiencing low blood pressure, be careful because you might experience dizziness and loss of consciousness.

If blood vessel dilation occurs in the head, you can be very dizzy, lose balance, even lose consciousness (fainting). Falling in the bathroom is certainly a feared thing because it risks hitting the floor, walls, bathtub and toilet.

3 Dangers of Hot Water Baths That Are Not Known Much

How to take a safe shower to avoid the danger of a hot shower?

Quoted from Everyday Health, it is recommended that the water heater be adjusted so that the temperature is not more than 49 degrees Celsius. Because the skin exposed to water at this temperature for 10 minutes can produce first-degree burns. This is a mild level of burns that causes damage to the epidermal layer of the skin.

For adults, the safe limit recommended for bathing without causing damage to the skin is 41 to 42 degrees Celsius.

For babies, the safe limit for hot baths is far below that temperature, which should not be hotter than 32 degrees Celsius.

For pregnant women, it's not good to linger in a hot shower. According to the Mayo Clinic, too long a hot shower can increase body temperature to 38.9 degrees Celsius. This is called hyperthermia.

Pregnant women who get hot during pregnancy at the age of four until the first six weeks of pregnancy can increase the risk of abnormalities in the baby's brain or spine.

Therefore, the safe limit of hot showers is no more than ten minutes. If you already sweat and feel uncomfortable, immediately finish taking a shower and get out of the bathroom.

Also, don't use a bathtub with hot water when your body is not in good condition or when body heat is rising. For example because of a fever or you are out of physical activity.

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