2 Easy Ways to Remove Mustaches and Beards, Once for Forever

2 Easy Ways to Remove Mustaches and Beards, Once for Forever

2 Easy Ways to Remove Mustaches and Beards, Once for Forever


2 Easy Ways to Remove Mustaches and Beards, Once for Forever

When some men consider mustaches and beards as appearance accessories that make them more authoritative, others actually feel the opposite. Many men feel disturbed by the presence of fine hairs that adorn their faces. Therefore, many are actually trying to eliminate it in various ways. The problem is, back and forth to eliminate mustaches and beards regularly is quite troublesome. Then, can or not the mustache and beard are permanently removed, once in a lifetime?

Is it possible to permanently remove a mustache and a beard?

If you want to shave and treat your facial hair, there are safe and effective ways to shave without reducing or causing dry skin. Because the beard is usually thicker than the mustache, the method of extracting and waxing is very impractical and painful.

The shaving method and the use of a cream depilator can be an alternative if you want fast and temporary results. The laser and electrolysis methods are considered to be permanently capable of removing hair.

Hair growth in some parts of the body can be linked to heredity and hormone levels in the body. In addition, some medications, temporary hair removal methods, and diseases can stimulate hair growth. Whiskers and beards cannot be permanently removed because men naturally have the hormone testosterone which encourages the growth of fine hair on the surface of the skin. Even if you regularly shave or even do waxing, fine hair will still grow again.

Tips for removing semi-permanent mustaches and beards

Many methods that promise efficacy in permanently removing hair. In fact, there is no 100 percent effective hair removal method. However, there are several methods that can be categorized as more effective than others. Here are two ways you can choose if you intend to get rid of a mustache and a beard:

1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that is done by inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and passing an electric current to the follicle root. This procedure will burn the roots of the hair. So that it can prevent more hair root production.

In other words, electrolysis is a permanent form of the method of hair removal. The FDA and the American Medical Association state that electrolysis is the only permanent method for removing hair. Even so, this does not guarantee 100 percent that this method is really capable of removing all hair on your body.

It's just so far, there are no standardized licensing guidelines for electrolysis, so it's quite difficult to find experienced experts. If you are interested in doing electrolysis, consult with your doctor first to find out more about the benefits and disadvantages of electroslysis.

In addition, electrolysis is a fairly painful method and its side effects include infection, keloid formation, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation. You need treatment between 12 and 18 months to see the maximum results.

2. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure with laser beam technology to remove unwanted hair, including mustaches and beards. During this process, the laser beam will be directed to enter the hair follicles. Heat rays generated from lasers can destroy hair follicles that can inhibit hair growth in the future.

Hair color and skin type affect the success of laser hair removal. This procedure is most effective for people who have light skin and black hair because the laser beam targets color pigments in the hair.

Although this procedure is effective for slowing hair growth, the laser does not guarantee that the hair will never grow again. In addition, removing a mustache and a beard through this method cannot be done only once. It takes about eight treatments to get the results you want. The results may also vary for each person, depending on the thickness of the hair to be laser cut.

If you are interested in this procedure, choose a doctor who has a certificate in a field of specialization such as dermatology or cosmetic surgery and has experience with this method. Never carry out maintenance at a salon or clinic that is not supervised by medical personnel who are experts in their fields.

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