11 Tricks of Outgrowing Yourself in order to Drink More Water

11 Tricks of Outgrowing Yourself in order to Drink More Water

11 Tricks of Outgrowing Yourself in order to Drink More Water


11 Tricks of Outgrowing Yourself in order to Drink More Water

Every day you lose a lot of body fluids through sweating, on the bathroom, and even every time you breathe. Lack of water can cause the body to become dehydrated, which makes you lethargic and weak. In order for the body to function properly, you must refill the water supply in the body by drinking plenty of water.

But for many people, fulfilling your body fluids for a day is a challenge. Maybe you rarely get up from the office desk because you are drowned by busyness. Or maybe, you don't like the tasteless taste of white water. In fact, white water brings a thousand different kindnesses to the body, including smooth digestion and gives a clean, smooth and supple skin appearance.

Want to drink more water? Here's how to

If you are the type of person who rarely drinks water, you are not alone. That's why we have summarized 11 precise but fun tips so you can drink more water every day.

1. Put a glass of water on the bed table

The trick, pour water in a large glass before you go to bed and put it on the table or near you to put the handphone. And once awakened by the sound of an alarm, you can immediately gulp water while checking the Facebook timeline. Don't believe this trick works? Try to do this for four days, and you will begin to realize that your hands will automatically reach for the glass afterwards.

2. Make a drinking alarm

There are many smart applications out there that can help track your water intake, if you are someone who needs to be reminded. Try downloading Daily Water Free (for iPhone and Android), Waterlogged (for Android and iPhone), or Water Alert (for iPhone).

Other options, you can set the cellphone alarm once every two hours (or more) to remind you to drink more water.

3. Save a drinking bottle near you

It will be easier to remember to drink lots of water if the water source is close. When you are trapped by a pile of work in the office, goods run ten meters to the rear pantry to fill a glass like thousands of kilometers away. Once in the office early in the morning, fill a large water bottle to the full and place it on the table, in front of your eyes, so you can easily see and reach it.

4. Drink water before eating

Drinking a glass of water before meals can reduce calorie intake by making you full faster. Just knowing that drinking more water can help you eat less and lose weight, this should be more enough to motivate you to drink water.

5. Mix sweet drinks with water and ice cubes

If the habit of drinking sweet juice, soda or ice tea cannot be separated from you, dilute your favorite sweet drink with plenty of water and ice cubes. You can still get the fresh sweetness, but also drink more water to meet your body's needs.

6. Drink water after brushing your teeth

What, how about your toothbrush routine? Many people immediately lift their feet from the bathroom after brushing their teeth. Well, to multiply your portion of water intake, prepare a glass of water first in the sink, and gulp down after brushing your teeth and gargling. In this way, you will get enough water before going to bed, and after waking up.

7. Mark your drinking bottle

Marking your drinking bottle at an hourly distance to the bottom of the bottle, for example from 7am - 9am - 11pm - 1pm - etc., can help you achieve your personal goals for drinking more water all day. Plus, you can know exactly how many times you refill your bottle.

8. Drink water after from the bathroom

Start a new habit by connecting water with some of your most common daily activities. When we drink before eating and after waking up we have discussed above, there is one more life routine that you can add to your daily goal to drink lots of water - about the bathroom. Finally moved to urinate, after hours clinging to the office cubicle? Upon returning from the bathroom, stop by the pantry first to drink a glass of water. Every time you pass a water dispenser, fill your glass.

9. Eat spicy food

Eating spicy foods can be a trigger for you to drink more water without your knowing it. In addition, studies show that spicy foods can increase metabolism.

10. Add healthy flavorings

If all methods have been tried but you are still lazy to drink water because of its tasteless taste, why not just add a few slices of fresh fruit to give a little "kick" flavor. Yes, maybe you are familiar with what is called infused water. And besides adding body fluid intake, infused water also gives you nutritional intake and nutrients from the fruits you use. One row, two three islands passed, right?

Add a little excitement in your water by dipping fresh fruit slices (orange, strawberry, lemon, kiwi, watermelon), spices (basil, mint, lavender, ginger), or vegetables (cucumber, celery) . Even more fun, you can create your own favorite recipe. To further enhance the taste, store your infused water in the refrigerator for several hours before drinking it.

11. Drink coffee or tea

We believe no one has objections to this one method. Why, but isn't this article discussing drinking water? Don't protest first. Your favorite caffeinated drinks also contain lots of water, so you can enter the tea or coffee ritual as an emergency way to get fluid when you are tired of drinking water.

Many believe that tea and coffee make thirsty fast and go back and forth to the bathroom, making the body dehydrated. But this myth has been broken. The effects of diuretic tea and coffee do not harm body fluids.

But remember, don't mix sugar, yes.

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