10 Natural Ways to Overcome Dull Skin

10 Natural Ways to Overcome Dull Skin

10 Natural Ways to Overcome Dull Skin


10 Natural Ways to Overcome Dull Skin

Dull skin is a problem for many people, especially those who often move outdoors, are exposed to sunlight, dust and pollution for hours every day. Although it disturbs the appearance and makes you look darker, dull skin is not an aesthetic problem. You might think that the skin is just an outer protector, but the skin is also an organ that is as important as other body parts and has many important tasks.

Caring for the skin is not just for beauty, but also for health

The skin is the main layer of the immune system that protects you and germs such as viruses and bacteria. The skin also protects you from the sun, cold, scratches, cuts, and moisture. Of course, the skin also acts as an important sense of touch in everyday life.

Like other parts of the body, the skin can be healthy or sick. The skin can be well-nourished or lack nutrition. Skin can be trained, and can be affected by age or external stimulation. For example, as we get older our skin gets thinner and drier. Things like wrinkles, black spots, dark circles, large pores, are other problems that are often experienced by the skin

Even though you cannot regulate skin changes due to age, you can manage a number of other factors related to this aging process, such as sun exposure, estrogen loss during menopause, poor diet, stress, and smoking.

Unlike other organs in our body, you can use drugs, moisturizers, and other health ingredients directly on the skin. For that reason, there is no reason for you to have dull and unhealthy skin. So, to keep your skin health and face look young, healthy, and radiant, follow these tips.

10 steps to prevent and overcome dull skin

1. Avoid taking a hot shower for too long

Even though taking a bath with hot water makes the body relax, but make sure not to spend too much time on it. Long hot baths can remove skin moisture and remove skin's natural oils. So, limit your bath to 10 minutes and use cool water.

2. Check dryness of the skin after scratching with nails

Do you often see white lines after scratching one part of the skin? This means that the skin is dry and needs moisturizing. Choose a moisturizer that matches your skin type and use it regularly.

3. Treat the neck and chest as part of your face

The neck and upper chest are part of sensitive skin, making it a major area of ​​aging such as dryness, black spots, and wrinkles. To keep this area young, use a face cleanser that hydrates and cleanses gently. After that, cover with a creamy moisturizer. If this area is very dry, use a facial moisturizing mask 2 times a month.

3. Eat soybeans every day

Like tofu and tempeh? If so, you can quickly overcome dull skin. Yes, consumption of soybeans can make protein levels awake and finally this protein can be used as an ingredient in making collagen (a substance that maintains skin health).

Isoflavones in soybeans can also act as antioxidants to protect collagen from damage caused by free radicals, reactive molecules that can weaken or destroy membrane cells. Free radicals can also destroy DNA, cause aging and wrinkles, and depress the immune system, increase the risk of skin cancer.

Good soy isoflavone sources can be obtained from soy milk (20-35 mg isoflavones per serving) and tofu (20-30 mg soy isoflavones per serving). According to research, to overcome dull skin, you can try eating soybeans as much as 160 milligrams per day.

10 Natural Ways to Overcome Dull Skin

4. Your beauty product must be clean and simple

Don't use too many beauty products. In fact, this makes the skin unhealthy. Not necessarily, the beauty product you buy is suitable for the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

So, stay away from products with color, fragrant scents, which make excessive foam, or contain anti-bacterial. All of these can irritate the skin and eventually make the skin damaged.

5. Use a few drops of olive oil on your skin

Apply olive oil on your elbows, knees and behind your arms every afternoon. This oil contains unsaturated fats that can refresh and hydrate the skin without leaving a residue.

6. Use moisturizing cream and socks

If your foot skin is very dry and cracked, apply lotion or cream that moisturizes the feet before going to bed, then use socks overnight during sleep. You will wake up with much softer feet in the morning.

7. Choose a moisturizer containing humectant

Humectants attract water when applied to the skin and increase moisture. A good humectant will contain glycerin, propylene glycol, and urea. Also look for skin products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), ingredients that help reduce wrinkles and improve dry skin, acne, and aging stains. AHA, which is naturally contained in grapes, apples, citrus fruits, and sour milk (such as buttermilk or yogurt), works by slowing down the aging of the skin, so the skin can look younger.

8. Use a loofah (bath brush) every day

When taking a shower, gently rub the thick part of the skin in a circular motion with loofah, to get rid of dead skin.

9. Aloe vera gel for super dry skin

Acids on aloe will remove dead skin cells and speed up the healing process. Cut the tip of the aloe and spread the gel on your dry skin.

10. Blend the rough elbow skin with red grapefruit (grapefruit)

First, wet your elbows with water, then cut in half the red grapefruit and compress the pieces on your elbow for 15 minutes. The acid in this orange will give extra softness to the skin.

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