10 Mistakes Men Often Do When Shaving a Beard

10 Mistakes Men Often Do When Shaving a Beard

10 Mistakes Men Often Do When Shaving a Beard


10 Mistakes Men Often Do When Shaving a Beard

Shaving beards and mustaches is one of the routine treatments performed by men. However, often we make a number of errors while being shaved, so the results are not even optimal, or even cause problems.

Even though you have used a sophisticated shaver, it still happens. Some experts reveal a number of common mistakes that men usually make when shaving a beard, which you might also often do, as reported by the Mens Journal and Forbes.

1. Wash your face with cold water

Cold water can shrink the size of your pores, making it difficult for shaving cream to absorb properly and make the razor work harder. You should wash your face with warm water to open the pores and soften the base of your beard.

"You will need preparation every time you shave, can wet the towel with warm water or make your bathroom steamy. "The more you wet your beard area with warm or hot water, the hair will soften, and make it easier for you to shave it," said one expert barber from Art of Shaving tea in Los Angeles, United States, Steve Gonzalez.

2. Do not clean the face before shaving

Craig the Barber, one of the expert barber in Hollywood, says that most men consider shaving cream to provide enough moisture to shave. In some cases, that is true, but soaking the skin will make the results better.

"Washing your face with good facial soap and skin cleanser before using a shaving cream is the key. "It will clean the oil and dust, thereby increasing the performance of your shaver," Craig said.

3. Use canned cream packaging

Some grooming experts, such as Vaughn Acord, say that the cream sold in cans is cheap. But you can experience redness and get more easily injured during shaving, because the foam from the cream is not formulated to be soft or friendly with your facial skin.

"Shaving will exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, opening up new skin that needs moisture and protection. You need shaving creams that contain oil and ingredients that nourish the skin, "said a grooming expert who has handled a number of musicians and artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Brady, and others.

4. Shave in a hurry or too fast

Craig suggests not to be too fast or hurry when shaving. If it's too fast, you can injure and irritate the skin.

"I understand you are busy, but there are other products on the market that do not cause pain and can shave neatly, both when you shave in the bathroom or in the car, which you can try and choose," Craig said.

5. Shaving back and forth and not shaving down

Shaving in the same direction is one of the main mistakes. Make sure you always shave only from top to bottom, or just from the bottom up, and not instead alternately direction.

Another common mistake is shaving too high or just the top, and not paying attention to the parts below. Continue shaving to the neck, if there is fine hair or indeed your beard reaches under the neck.

6. Too aggressive

Unfortunately many men shave too aggressively. The reason, the more pressing when shaving, they think the results will be neater. Though said Craig is not so.

"Many men think by increasing pressure when shaving, the results will be better. In fact, the stronger you press, the higher the risk of shaving wounds. With the right shaving routine, your face and beard will be shaved well, "Craig explained.

7. Does not clean the face after shaving

Craig recommends that after you finish shaving, you immediately cleanse your face just as you cleaned it before shaving. This must be done to prevent redness, sensitivity, and small bumps due to the razor. After cleaning your face, you can provide moisturizer on the part of the skin that has just been shaved, to prevent it from itching and irritation.

8. Do not shave "second session"

After finishing shaving and cleaning your face, just one more step so that your shaving is perfect. Acord said, you should look in the mirror again and see if there is fine hair on the beard or mustache that has been missed. If there is, shave again and then clean your face again.

"The problem with using a shaving cream is that you can't really see the part you're shaving in its entirety. So, you need to do a 'second' shave or shave again on parts that might be missed, which were not seen before, "advises the Acord.

9. Refreshes the face with aftershave containing alcohol

For years, it has become a habit for men to refresh their faces after shaving using aftershave containing alcohol. In fact, applying alcohol to the part of the skin that has just been shaved will actually make the skin feel burning, dry, and hardened.

"It does not rule out the possibility that the skin will also turn black," Craig added.

Gonzalez suggests, after finishing shaving, it's better if the newly shaved face is protected with moisturizer, not aftershave.

"After shaving your beard and mustache, you can provide a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients like shea butter, which lines the skin and gives it moisture," Gonzalez explained.

10. Always shave with the same razor

The razor you use and have in your home bathroom now, cannot be used for a long time. Gonzalez said the razor should be replaced every 3-5 times. "The quick or long blunt razor you use depends on how thick and rough your beard or mustache is," Gonzalez explained.


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