Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?

Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?

Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?


Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?

Try to remember when was the last time you wrote your hand more than one page of paper? It's been a long time? No problem, because most people also experience the same thing.

As technology advances and daily activities rely on speed, the need to write by hand is increasingly replaced by the ease of typing on smartphones, tablets, leptops, or notebooks. So, it is not strange anymore if many people prefer to type on a computer keyboard or touch screen mobile phone rather than having to bother writing manually using hands on paper.

Even so, did you know that writing manually has far more health benefits than typing using a gadget? How did it happen? Check out the reviews in this article.

Most people claim that they haven't written manually for a long time

Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?

In 2014, Docmail, a mail delivery company and printing company in the UK conducted a survey of 2 thousand people. As a result, one in three respondents did not write a hand for more than six months. Not only that, the survey also showed that the average respondent had not written manually more than 41 days.

The findings are actually not too surprising. The reason is, the more sophisticated technology allows you to do daily activities so it's easier. This also makes many people begin to abandon the habit of writing hands and prefer to type using a gadget device.

Even though writing manually is useful for honing motor skills

Even though writing using a keyboard is an ability that is the key to the future, mastering the ability to write hands has its own effect on the body.

According to Eduard Gentaz, a professor in psychology at Geneva University said that writing directly by hand is a complicated activity that requires various skills. Simple handwriting is the result of a unique singular movement throughout the body.

Because, someone needs time to be able to write a hand. You need to learn how to hold the right pencil, memorize various alphabets, to be able to write word for word. Well, this is the biggest difference compared to if you type using the keyboard.

Unlike writing, the typing gesture is always the same as the letters, which is only limited to pressing the button. In fact, motor skills that are honed by hand writing are needed especially when someone is still a child.

Other health benefits that can be obtained from writing by hand

Aside from honing motor skills, hand writing also offers a variety of health benefits that are not to be missed.

For some people, writing is a powerful way to express feelings for everything they are experiencing. In fact, a New Zealand study states that writing thoughts and feelings after a traumatic event can actually make physical injuries heal faster.

While according to a study published in the journal Advance in Psychiatric Treatment, the benefits of handwriting are not only experienced in the short term, but also in the long term. The reason is, people who have the habit of writing manually have been known to have overall health improvement. Starting from improving mood, well-being, as well as better bodily functions such as lungs and liver. Not only that, writing is also associated with a decrease in blood pressure and stress levels and symptoms of depression.

Apparently, the benefits of writing don't end there. If you have difficulty sleeping, try writing. According to a study "Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being", it takes about 15 minutes at night, just to write down everything you are grateful for can make a miracle of your sleep. The researchers found that study participants who wrote diary notes about various things they were grateful for before going to bed were known to have good and longer sleep quality.

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  • Writing vs. Typing, Which Is Better for Health?


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