Why is Asian people's skin easier to blacken when exposed to sunlight?

Why is Asian people's skin easier to blacken when exposed to sunlight?

Why is Asian people's skin easier to blacken when exposed to sunlight?


Have you ever wondered why Asian women find it easier to get tan skin or dark chocolate than women from other parts of the world? This article will help you answer these questions and give you tips on how to deal with hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation in Asian skin

Asian skin is generally more susceptible to skin problems than other races. Asian skin is softer, but also more susceptible to the problem of hyperpigmentation, aka darkening skin color. So, skin pigmentation is a very common condition in Asian women. This is why we find many whitening ingredients in Asian cosmetics.

Your face will appear brown or gray brown on the cheeks, chin or forehead, and so on. This means you are pigmented. Skin pigmentation usually occurs in pregnant women or those who have given birth.

Why do many Asian women experience blackened whites?

According to some studies, the reason why many Asian women experience pigmentation is because of the production of melanin. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV light. When the body produces more melanin, you will have darker skin.

When melanin production increases (due to hormonal imbalances), melasma will appear. Conversely, with weather in Asia, the skin is also susceptible to pigmentation problems such as melasma or hyperpigmentation.

How do you deal with sunburned skin?

We can re-lighten the blackened skin color by applying the following solution:

  • Use hydroquinone, tretinoin and corticosteroids. Applying these ingredients to the skin will help the skin look radiant.
  • Other medicines. Medications usually contain skin whitening agents such as azelaic acid or kojic acid. Azelaic acid is a natural acid that is used as an alternative to hydroquinone. Azelaic acid is produced by growing yeast which helps grow in healthy skin. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Cosmetology, azelaic acid is effective in fighting hyperpigmentation. This substance can also repair mild to moderate acne cases.
  • Sulfur or sulfur is one of the treatments for hyperpigmentation. Sulfur looks like a holistic hyperpigmentation drug on Asian skin. This is a type of mineral that has long been valued as a pigmentation healer. A place that is well known among Asians is hot springs that are rich in sulfur. They are people who want to find help for everything from arthritis to skin diseases. This destination is known as "Mineral beauty from nature" and this name is obtained because your body can rely on it to produce healthy skin, nails and hair.
  • Lift the face layer with a chemical mask, skin abrasion and hyper-abrasion. When topical drugs don't work, try one of these treatments.

Asians have skin that is far more sensitive than others. Therefore, you need to have basic knowledge about the characteristics of this type of skin and be careful in choosing care products.

Hopefully this article helps you to better understand Asian skin.

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