Why Choose Dead Lights When Having Sex?

Why Choose Dead Lights When Having Sex?

Why Choose Dead Lights When Having Sex?


Why Choose Dead Lights When Having Sex?

Are you the type of person who likes to have sex with lights off? Or you are the type of person who prefers to light up, so that you and your partner can look at each other? Yes, with the lights on, you and your partner can know every detail that happens. How about having sex with the lights off? Hmm, the lights are off, or dimly lit, making the atmosphere of love feel romantic. But, what is the real reason many people prefer to have sex with lights off?

Why do many people choose to have sex with the lights off?

Long time ago, sex was not something you could talk about while chatting at the dinner table at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sex is a thing that is considered taboo. Along with the changing times, the concept of thinking began to develop. Although chat about general sex is done by men, not infrequently when it comes to something personal, this conversation becomes uncomfortable. Some people have doubts to ask honest about their curiosity, so they prefer to find out secretly. Right now it's not difficult to find out questions about sex, you can find it on the internet, instead of visiting sex therapists.

Sex is associated with something that is 'scary' and embarrassing. When having sexual relations, you and your partner may be more confident with the lights off. Lighting that is less able to make you both relax, so you both enjoy it. You can also have more fun, because the lights go out are considered a pleasant element.

A recent study involving 2000 people, found that 75% of people prefer to have sex with lights out, 14% of people claimed that they were embarrassed to look at their partner's face, while the other 5% tried to imagine the face of their idols during sex. There are also those who claim that playing with no sense of sight will be an amazing experience. Imagination will also strengthen.

What is on a woman's mind during sex?

For women, sometimes, sex feels 'confusing'. On the one hand, you want to feel comfortable, but when you do it there are so many thoughts that cross, like about your appearance, about whether he can help the couple reach the climax that they expect. In fact, sex should provide both parties with pleasure and intimacy, not as a principle of using only one party. At present there are many perceptions that are wrongly spread in society due to the influence of writing, or pornographic films. Of course, we want the lovemaking session to run smoothly in accordance with fantasy. But the fact is that when you get depressed, the road to climax becomes even more difficult.

The light goes out may be one solution, with a limited view, you will find it very easy to do it. You can reduce your worries about body shape and appearance. When having sex, women will usually remove their makeup, or when wearing makeup, it may fade over time. The light goes out can disguise it all.

Unfortunately, if for sex, men are the visual type, he wants to see you completely. If, he asks to see your body, there is clearly an interest behind the request. You may not realize that giving him access to see your body is something he looks forward to.

What is in the mind of men during sex?

Do you have sex with a light that will increase intimacy? If yes, of course you must understand when your partner feels uncomfortable with the lights on. Most men do prefer to have sex with lights on because it will arouse passion, and men are more 'visual' in matters of beds. However, there are also those who like to do it with lights out, the reasons also vary, he can also feel insecure, or cover up what he is thinking when having sex.

In fact, men also don't pay much attention to what women lack when they are in bed. You may also not realize when women feel insecure.

So, it's better to have sex with the lights on or off?

There's nothing wrong with both, it's just a technical problem. However, when the rules of this game make one partner feel embarrassed, then it's time for you both to sit together and talk about it. It is important for women to tell your partner about what makes you comfortable, so that intimacy will be formed. Men also need to pay attention to details about your partner, can start with what questions he likes, what makes him interested in something, and more details. By paying attention to every detail, you try to build a closer intimacy, this shows that you value it as a partner. The partner's confidence will appear automatically.

For those of you who are not used to it, maybe you can try it slowly, such as letting the lighting dim, like adjusting the light (only if your lights can be adjusted), or replacing it with a candle. Don't forget to put candles in a safe place. You can also try this one method, which is to put a blindfold on your partner (a couple who always wants the lights out when having sex), of course this will make the 'game' more challenging.


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