Why can a loud and sudden sound make us startled?

Why can a loud and sudden sound make us startled?

Why can a loud and sudden sound make us startled?


Have you ever felt surprised when you heard loud and sudden sounds? The loud sound that you hear suddenly, suddenly makes a shock appear. This shock is a natural response that the body has when an unexpected event occurs.

At first when a loud sound was first heard, you were very surprised. Then, when the sound repeats a second time, your shock will diminish, until you are used to the sound.

Why is the body shocked when he hears unexpected loud noises? Is it natural to often feel shocked by something?

Acoustic habituation, the body's response to facing loud noises

Habituation is a condition where you are familiar with stimuli or stimuli that come from outside. The more often the stimulus comes, the easier you are to adapt so that your attention will gradually decrease towards it.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Western Ontario found that acoustic habituation is the brain's ability to filter and block unusual sounds and visual information. So, you can focus on more important things, not bothered by loud noises that make you surprised.

There are several groups of people who cannot do acoustic habituation, such as people who have autism and schizophrenia syndrome. Therefore, this research was actually carried out to find out more about how to properly handle if a person does not have acoustic habituation. By knowing how the brain regulates acoustic habituation, experts hope to get new ways to help patients with this mental disorder.

Then if I feel shocked easily, is it normal? Or am I having a mental disorder too?

Another thing if you are very easily surprised by any event, whether it's sound stimulation or visual. Even someone jumped or trembled in shock at hearing or seeing a stimulus. Often feeling shocked can be a sign you are experiencing severe stress and if left uninterrupted, it's not impossible that your mental health will get worse.

Actually, like this, when you hear these loud and sudden sounds, your body thinks that you just got something unpleasant. This will cause the hormone cortisol to increase in the body. the hormone cortisol is a hormone that regulates stress in the body, the more the amount, the more stress you will be.

Like the newborn baby. Newborns must adapt to their environment. Hearing foreign noises that he heard from the environment will make him stressful, so the hormone cortisol increases. This is also the reason why babies cry first time at birth. He tried to adapt and respond with crying because he was disturbed at that time.

People who are easily shocked may experience excessive stress than those who are rarely surprised. Some studies say that the shock response occurs because a person does not focus on what he is facing, this can be caused by the pressure that the person gets so that he does not pay too much attention and focus around.

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