Who Is More Frequent Sport: A Person With High Salaries or Just Less?

Who Is More Frequent Sport: A Person With High Salaries or Just Less?

Who Is More Frequent Sport: A Person With High Salaries or Just Less?


Do you think the bigger a person's salary is, the more he will exercise or not? New research led by the American Cancer Society in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, United States (US), researches and monitors the relationship between exercise and one's income. Both are indeed interrelated and influence each other. Then, how can income affect how often someone sports? Let's look at the discussion below.

Does big salary mean more exercise?

A person whose salary is large is usually an office worker, who almost every day tends to just sit and stare at the computer screen. This means physically, people with large salaries are actually less active everyday.

However, the researchers above found results that high-income people actually exercise more or do physical activity than those on low incomes.

Because, even though they work for five days a week, they still have the awareness to exercise on weekends. These people, commonly referred to as weekend warriors or weekend fighters.

Experts observe, the weekend warriors do all the physical activities that are forced to be done on weekends.

This is also based on the fact that for five days a week they are busy working to make money, to cover expenses such as joining a fitness club, gym, yoga or other activities that certainly need money.

What about people with low or low salary?

When the researchers compared the level of physical activity of people whose salaries were relatively mediocre or low, the results were inversely proportional. They tend to exercise less often than people who have big income.

Low income, has proven to be a major obstacle to engaging in physical activity. These people with moderate or low income have other time constraints and obstacles.

Among them is that on weekends they have to work on the side to increase income. In addition, they also tend to lack adequate sports facilities. For example, do not have access to a gym subscription, there is no park or open space in the area where they live to exercise, and not to mention that their environment and work time are not flexible.

Even though, experts recommend to exercise every day

Based on the results of the above research, people who have high salaries and just exercise on weekends are still less physically active. Why is that? It's not that you can't exercise on weekends, but the American Heart Association recommends that adults have 150 minutes of physical activity a week with moderate intensity.

Examples are cycling, swimming, walking, cleaning up, jogging, or playing futsal.

Often exercise will maintain healthy muscles and bones better and can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attack, or even cancer later.

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